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Group of people using their smart phones

Why You Need a Mobile Website

By NikkiT | December 27, 2016

Are you worried about your site being mobile? Be honest. If you’re not, you should be! Anyone who owns a website should be concerned about how the site appears on mobile devices. If you’ve ever reviewed your website analytics, I’m sure you’ll see that the largest amount of views come from mobile visitors. Reuters reports…

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vet showing information to family on tablet

Apps and Your Veterinary Practice

By Evelyn Evans | December 12, 2016

In an Apple commercial that aired on January 26, 2009, the catchphrase, “There’s an app for that.” was introduced to the world. In the early days of smartphones, this phrase was often used in jest.  Now, with the ever-increasing number of smartphone users, this phrase exemplifies our (mobile) reality more and more.  If you’ve ever…

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pug head in man's body looking at phone

Why Write in Layman’s Terms

By intouch | December 6, 2016

As a trained veterinarian, veterinary technician, assistant veterinarian, or other trained medical professional in the veterinary field, you’re pretty well-versed in the terminology used in various animal conditions. After all, you went to school for many years, attended many classes, read many books, and listened to many well-seasoned veterinary professionals during your budding career’s infancy.…

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female vet with curly hair on computer

What Is Online Reputation Management?

By Bill Schroeder | November 30, 2016

Online reputation management is the art of scanning across the internet’s digital landscape for information about you and your practice, encouraging pet owners to share their feelings about your veterinary practice online, and knowing how to respond to situations whereby negative (often inaccurate) reviews are made online. When combined with the realization that there’s an…

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young vet using smartphone

Easy Ways to Incorporate Video into Your Marketing Strategy

By Bill Schroeder | November 12, 2016

Times have changed. Back when we were children, getting our picture taken was a “special” event that was marked on the calendar. It was a day that prompted the purchase of new clothes, a haircut, and, in my cases, so much hairspray that a typhoon couldn’t move the helmet head, slicked back hairstyle my mother…

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two intouch employees during thanksgiving

Giving Thanks To Your Team

By Katie Schroeder | November 3, 2016

Well, it’s here. Another year is almost over, and we’ve approached the “Be Thankful” period. It’s a time when we turn our focus to our family to let them know how thankful we are for them. It’s also a time that you, as a business owner/team leader, should be giving “Thanks” to your team and…

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two older women looking at laptop

Your Business’ Online Reputation: Why It Matters and How to Manage It

By Evelyn Evans | May 10, 2016

Online reviews are important. As a practice manager or owner, you’ve probably heard this before. But why are online reviews so important? So you can show how much better or more popular your animal hospital is than the one down the street? Reviews are not just a feather in your cap. Often, reviews can be a…

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dog wearing glasses looking at computer

Online Client Education: A Powerful Tool

By Crystal Kamm | April 6, 2016

What comes to mind when you think of providing exceptional customer service to your clients? Being polite? Responding in a timely manner? Answering questions? Yes. Yes. And yes. But customer care that goes above and beyond involves anticipating the needs of your clients and meeting those needs before they even ask. After all, you’re the…

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Facebook Ads: Reaching Thousands of Facebook Users One Campaign at a Time

By Maritsa Garza | March 29, 2016

Facebook ads have become popular since Facebook made an update to their algorithm that affected how posts from business pages show up in the newsfeeds of their fans. The new algorithm made it incredibly difficult for businesses to reach followers on Facebook and grow a fan base organically. Why the change? Facebook didn’t want users…

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Austin Texas skyline

The 10 Things You Should Do at AAHA Austin 2016

By Sarah Rumple | March 24, 2016

Are you preparing to head to Austin, Texas, for this year’s American Animal Hospital Association (AAHA) conference? We are, and we couldn’t be more thrilled about it. The conference, held at the Austin Convention Center March 31 – April 3, is sure to be a crowd-pleaser. AAHA officials tell us attendance records have been broken,…

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