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3 Things to Think About When Building a New Website

By Kate Kryk Gonzalez | January 27, 2017

Whether you want to build a website because you’re starting a new practice, or your current Web design and function are out-of-date and need to be revamped, it’s an extremely important project. WHY is it important? Because your website will represent your practice and your brand. Have no fear; your InTouch team is here! Our…

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The Benefits of Automation

By JamesL | January 24, 2017

Today’s world is fast-paced and constantly on the go. This has led to people handling their day-to-day tasks at different hours, and in different manners than they had in the past. Through online tools, many practices are also changing the way they handle their own day-to-day operations. One key area has been the automation of…

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The Benefits of Stock Photography

By KimS | January 20, 2017

Familiar… Seen it… Used it… This is what I think as I look at stock images used in ads, billboards, websites – or anywhere for that matter. While I do believe that stock photography is convenient and a great asset, I conversely feel like it’s hard to find that great photo that no one else…

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