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Celebrating One of Our Own

By MaryB | August 14, 2018

At InTouch, we pride ourselves on being a team of some pretty cool, diverse, talented folks. We come from different backgrounds, different states, even different countries. In fact, it’s this international spirit that caused us to celebrate one of our own who became a full-fledged US Citizen. Meet Svet On August 13, 2018, Svet was…

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Best Practices for User Experience

By MaryB | August 7, 2018

The internet is constantly changing. There’s never much time to grab the reader’s attention before they decide your site doesn’t have the information they’re looking for and move on to another site where the information is easier to find. So, the big question is, what makes them stay on your site and keep them from…

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website security key

How Do I Know if My Site is Secure?

By MaryB | July 2, 2018

Website security sounds like a complex, fickle thing. In cyberspace, everything is changing at lightning speed, so how can anyone ever keep up with all the latest malware, viruses, and malicious scripts? Well, truth be told, no one can—the good guys, or the bad. There, did we put your mind at ease? Maybe not entirely.…

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woman on a laptop with dog

What Makes a Good Veterinary Website? Hint: It’s not Stock Photos

By TemmoK | January 9, 2018

Prime Real Estate Online Imagine the busiest corner in your town or city’s commercial district. Now, imagine your business flaunting eye-catching signage and a sleek storefront directly on that intersection. There’s no telling where people are going – North, South, uptown, or downtown, but one thing’s for certain, they’re seeing your business. This is exactly…

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