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Our Donation to VEG Cares:
Supporting Vets, Pets, and People

By KathrynF | September 27, 2021

At InTouch, our dedication to our clients’ success is just one part of the larger story. We’re passionate about helping practices and helping our fellow humans and their 4-legged companions. We cherish the special bond people share with their pets, and we believe in supporting organizations that nurture this bond as much as possible. Meet…

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COVID Message On-Hold Programs: Why Your Practice Needs Them

By KathrynF | September 23, 2021

Keep confusion and frustration about your COVID policies to a minimum at your vet practice. We know the veterinary industry has had its share of obstacles over the last couple of years, and staying ahead of ever-changing COVID protocols and recommendations is one of them! If there’s one thing virtually every industry has in common,…

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Meet Bill Schroeder, the Man Who Makes Lectures Fun and Highly Educational

By KathrynF | September 2, 2021

When you hear words like “lecture,” or “speaking engagement,” you probably don’t get all that excited. Bill Schroeder, co-founder and lead educator of InTouch, has changed that. With over 15 years of speaking under his belt, he creates interactive, impactful, and most of all, enjoyable presentations for veterinary professionals not just throughout the country, but…

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