3 Benefits of having Videos on your Social Media Platforms

I don’t know about you, but I’ve noticed a dramatic increase in the use of video on social media platforms. Why? Because that’s what catches the users’ attention! Many people may complain about how our world is becoming more and more fast-paced, but ya just gotta move with the times. Sure, pictures have their place – don’t get me wrong – but if you REALLY want to capture someone’s attention, videos are where it’s at. Here are the 3 benefits of having videos on your social media platforms.

1. They get the most attention

How often do you stop scrolling through your Facebook News Feed for just a status update on what someone did today? How about when someone posts a picture? How about when that picture starts moving? Exactly. Moving pictures, A.K.A. videos, are the best way to draw people’s attention because it is the most exciting medium available on Facebook (and other social media platforms) currently. Shout-out to live video!



2. Viewers become more easily attached

They say a picture is worth 1,000 words, so how many words is a video worth? There’s nothing like feeling you get when you’re watching a video, and you feel like you’re in the room with the people you’re watching on the screen. The more you watch, the more you grow attached to them because they’re not just something to look at, they’re something to interact with. Just think of how attached you get to book characters or movie characters. What if you were able to send a message directly to those characters? That’s what social media allows. Combining the intimate feeling with immediate interaction – as if you’re there with them – makes viewers want to keep watching.


3. They have the most possibilities

What can you do with a photo? Well, you can make it bigger. Maybe take a different picture. Put some text on it. With a video, you can get different perspectives of yourself and your surroundings, create 360 degrees so users can interact with it, put in different audio, text, combine videos together… the possibilities are endless! Therefore, your imagination is the limit. You want to have fun? Take a video. You want to confess something? Take a video. You want to share your typical day? Take a video. If you have an idea, I bet you can translate it into a video format.



So there’s my spiel on how awesome videos are, especially when used on social media platforms. Please notice your behavior and the patterns you find when using social media platforms – videos are always at the top (literally with Instagram Stories).

BUT DON’T FORGET! Lots of people don’t have “time” to turn on their speakers or put on headphones (especially if they’re at work), so subtitles, subtitles, subtitles. I don’t want to watch a video if all I’m going to see is a slow-paced slideshow. I’ve gotta know the context. If you’re able to put text over the video, it’s much more likely that someone will take the time to pause when scrolling through their News Feed and give the video their full attention, reading the subtitles to understand what they’re watching.