3 Things to Think About When Building a New Website

Whether you want to build a website because you’re starting a new practice, or your current Web design and function are out-of-date and need to be revamped, it’s an extremely important project. WHY is it important? Because your website will represent your practice and your brand. Have no fear; your InTouch team is here! Our website development team has been creating websites for veterinary clients for years, and we’d love to create one for you. But before we do, consider the following three factors which are involved in every website creation project:

  1. Branding

Branding is one of the most important factors involved in beginning a website project. First of all, we can’t talk about branding enough. Having a consistent brand, from your website to your practice’s building to the signage and so on is crucial. We want your clients to recognize your brand no matter where they see it.


  1. Your Goal

Knowing the overall goal is one of the first starting points to the design and build of your website. Are you looking to gather new clients? Are you looking to draw clients in for a particular service? These are questions we’d like you to answer before we create your website.


  1. Your Likes & Dislikes

Whether this is your first or fifth website, you likely already have a pretty good idea of what design elements you like, and which ones you don’t. Are you a fan of warm colors over cool? Do you prefer a solid-colored background or a texturized one? Do those cartoony animal graphics on veterinary sites make you gag? Whatever your likes and dislikes are, we want to know about them!

Your InTouch team will be looking forward to meeting you and beginning your new website project! Remember, the goal is to best represent you, your hard-working team, your brand, and the amazing work you do with your clients and their pets!

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