5 Reasons You Need a Blog on Your Vet Website

If you’re serious about growing your vet practice with the help of your website, then you’ll need to have a regularly-updated blog filled with high-quality, keyword-rich content that throws some extra weight behind all your marketing efforts. When it’s done well, blogging can do amazing things for your vet website and your practice, and help your practice succeed in ways you never imagined.


5 Benefits of Having a Vet Blog on Your Website

Managed well, a blog on your veterinary website can be a major benefit to your online presence and help you bring in more new clients and patients. Below are some notable ways that maintaining a blog can help your vet practice:

1. It Gives You More Opportunities to Rank High in Search

Keywords are an important aspect of search engine optimization (SEO). In addition to including them in the content of your website, you should also be including them in your blog content. Blog articles offer additional (and ongoing) opportunities to use more keywords and further increase your website’s ranking in Google Search.

To boost each blog article’s potential to help your website rank well, you’ll need to do some keyword research to see what keywords and phrases pet owners in your area are searching for the most. Use these words and phrases to craft blog content that addresses certain issues or topics, answers questions, and guides pet owners to contact your practice and find out more. This can help you build more relationships with pet owners and increase your clientele.

2. It Educates Pet Owners and Makes You a Credible Source of Information

Veterinary practices everywhere value client education, and blog articles are a great way to continue educating pet owners when they’re no longer in your building. Creating articles that provide helpful tips, tricks, and recommendations while also setting up your practice/team as an authority helps to build trust. Additionally, when your blog articles are crafted around popular keywords and key phrases, you’re likely to rank better locally in Google Search. This will catch the attention of nearby pet owners who are using the search terms provided in your content to get the answers they’re seeking. If you’re putting out high-quality content, people will stay on your website longer and be more likely to take action and contact your practice.

Blog articles are also a resource to which you can refer your clients if they have specific questions. Sharing links to your blog articles on your social media pages can also lead more people to your practice’s website, which can increase conversions and appointments.

3. It Can Increase Business for Certain Services

You can use your website blog to promote new or existing services, especially high-value services that can bring in more revenue. Position your practice as the solution to common health issues such as dental disease, diabetes, allergies, etc. to encourage more appointments and treatments.

4. It Helps You Connect with Pet Owners

Shining a spotlight (or two) on your team members in your blog (in addition to on your website) can make your practice more friendly and appealing to pet owners. If you have a veterinarian or technician on your staff with impressive credentials, feature them in an article! You can also share individual team members’ stories as they pertain to veterinary medicine, to give more insight into your practice and help existing and potential new patients build a connection with you.

5. It Can Increase Social Media Engagement and Website Conversions

Linking to your blog from your social media channels allows you to share more quality content on social media, and it can also pull in more traffic to your website. Consistently sharing tips and quotes from your blog content on social media can help you build up an audience, get more people on your website, and receive more patients and clients on a regular basis (and hold onto established clients and patients).

Can’t Publish and Maintain a Blog Yourself? No Problem.

While you might have a solid grasp on why blogs are important, you might also be unsure whether you have the time, energy, and experience to create and maintain a quality vet blog. And that’s okay—as a veterinarian or vet practice owner, you have a full plate. Your patients and clients are your priority. If you don’t have a marketing/social media guru on your team, don’t sweat it. InTouch can handle all your blogging and digital marketing needs.

We have skilled SEO experts and copywriters who can build your blog from the ground up and keep it humming along for as long as you need. Like your website, your blog is most successful when it’s allowed to grow and evolve. And with our blogging prowess, we know we can help you succeed, too.

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