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5 Reasons Why Your Veterinary Practice Needs Custom On Hold Messages

5 Reasons Why Your Veterinary Practice Needs Custom On-Hold Messages

By intouch | January 14, 2021

Any busy practice owner knows that callers will have to be put on hold sometimes. It’s just the way it goes! Yet, instead of giving your callers music to listen to, a general “thanks for holding” message or, even worse, silence, why not give them customized, educational messages? Customizing your on-hold program is a strong…

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rename ways your website can increase act

4 Ways Your Website can Increase ACT

By intouch | December 22, 2020

Is your average client transaction (ACT) stagnant or worse, decreasing? Do you think your vet practice is charging clients based on what you think they are willing to pay, and not what your services and products are actually worth? Does it feel like you’re missing out on lots of opportunities to up your profits? You’re…

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Nov 2020 Blog

5 Ways to Get New Clients Through Your Veterinary Website

By intouch | November 11, 2020

Your veterinary website is a vital tool for helping your practice grow and reach new heights. It can be leveraged in a number of different ways to attract more site traffic, and thereby new clients. But attracting these leads to your site is a bit more complicated than simply throwing up a website and waiting…

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6 Things Every Veterinary Practice Website Should Have

By intouch | July 13, 2020

Building a successful website that grows your practice takes a lot more than 6 things, sure, but these 6 are the foundations! If you’re considering building a new website, start here to ensure you set yourself up for success. 1. A Design That’s Professional & Eye-Catching It’s no secret that people judge the credibility and…

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filming tips

Filming Tips for Visually Explaining Your Curbside Service

By intouch | April 9, 2020

In this strange new world of the COVID-19 pandemic, veterinary medicine is changing. Curbside service is becoming the norm, but many pet parents may be disconcerted about letting their pet be taken away for a check-up or treatment or coming into contact with your staff. So how do you gain their trust and promote your…

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vmx showfloor

2020 VMX-perience

By intouch | January 31, 2020

Well, VMX 2020 has come and gone and we are FEELING IT. If you aren’t familiar with how InTouch does VMX, let us explain: We go BIG. 25,000 square feet of pure mansion big. This year we took eighteen fellow InTouch-ers which is the most we have ever taken. We stayed in a huge mansion…

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