The Benefits of Stock Photography

Familiar… Seen it… Used it…

This is what I think as I look at stock images used in ads, billboards, websites – or anywhere for that matter. While I do believe that stock photography is convenient and a great asset, I conversely feel like it’s hard to find that great photo that no one else is using when I’m sifting through stock photos. As a design specialist who spends a lot of time helping to create custom websites, I’ve found that using custom photos for your business is a much better option. There is something to be said for using custom photography. Not only are you stepping away from what your competitors may be using, but you are creating a look and feel that is all your own while creating credibility and building your brand.

Today, you can very easily take photos yourself with mobile devices that are perfect for advertising purposes (especially websites). Whether you choose to take the photos yourself or have them professionally done, here are a few things to keep mind.

  1. Always remember your audience. If someone is unfamiliar with your practice, what kind of images would you like to show them that best represent your business? Think of someone coming to your practice for the first time. Consider starting with an outside view of the building/entrance, walking in to the reception desk, shots of the exam rooms, etc. Keep in mind that though empty rooms are okay for gallery use on your site, really connecting with your audience requires showing the people who make your practice special and unique. Show the smiling faces of the people greeting you when you arrive for an appointment, the helpful assistants in the exam rooms, the doctors who are there to help you and your pet, and happy clients. People like to feel comforted and welcomed, and using these types of photos show exactly who you are in the best light.
  1. Candid shots are good. When taking photos, try not to have all of them taken in a posed or portrait-like manner. It’s nice to have candid shots. We want the real shots versus people just looking at the camera and smiling. Remember, people are trying to get a feel for the personality of your practice. Help make that decision easier for them.
  1. Work with your audience’s comfort level. While you have many services to offer, don’t scare people with images of things that would make them feel uncomfortable. For example, if you offer boarding services, most people wouldn’t like to see images of cages, even though they know they exist. You want to paint a picture of the “happy” pet, not the “caged” one. If you do surgeries, photos of a surgery in progress are okay but steer clear of the gory photos. You may be used to them in your line of work, but your average person does not need or want to see these types of images.

Photos can tell the story of your practice on a website in a way that words and feelings can’t. Using the right picture can make a huge difference! If you want to tell your practice’s story in an amazing way on your website, our team can help you. We have a talented and experienced group of web developers, graphic artists, SEO professionals, and copywriters who have worked together to complete over 10,000 projects in the veterinary industry. We know vet medicine, we know websites, and we’d be happy to share our insight with you. Give us a call to find out more about creating a custom website at 1-800-493-9003, or visit

Reviewed by: Kimberly on Nov. 22, 2019