How to Boost Employee Morale

Smiles, words of encouragement, recognition, laughter… These are all things that make most people feel good. People who feel good have better attitudes and are more productive.

Let’s paint a picture of a day at a veterinary practice where an employee is not in the best of spirits. We’ll call this employee “Joe”.

Joe arrives at the practice and just walks right by his coworkers. He doesn’t even acknowledging them. Joe doesn’t participate in the conversations or discussions, but rather keeps to himself. When someone goes to give Joe a task they are met with complaints. The practice manager asks Joe to help a client with something, all they get is a dirty look. Clients who normally love working with Joe are commenting on how he doesn’t seem to be having the best day. When work events take place, Joe is always busy.

You get the picture.

Now let’s look at a different situation, but still have it focus on Joe. Joe’s had a rough morning (but you wouldn’t know it). He walks into work with a smile and a greeting of “Good morning!” to everyone as he passes through. He shares stories, gives opinions in discussions, and he’s all around optimistic. Joe works ahead on a project and a “you’re awesome!” is verbalized from the practice manager. A frustrating project leads to laughter because Joe is able to easily commiserate with the team. Clients specifically request to have their pets seen by Joe because he’s friendly to both them and their pets. Joe and his co-workers often hang out, and he can be heard saying, “Can’t wait for tonight! I had a great time the last time we all got together and this time will be great, too!”

Doesn’t this alternate scenario present a much better environment? Creating an environment where there are more laughs than grunts is key in my book. One person can set the tone. If everyone can try in their own way to bring something to the table to make the day better, it will make the work day that much more enjoyable, and you will be more productive as an individual in the work place. So let’s do our part and give a smile, a pat on the back or a reward for something done well. It’s only going to have a positive effect.

Some ideas that I find to bring up morale are contests, funny unexpected awards, impromptu “fun” outings and luncheons. See what ideas you can come up with to give your team a boost in the right direction and post them on your practice’s website, gallery, or blog. Let your clients see the more personal side of your team.

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Reviewed by: Kimberly on Nov. 22, 2019