How Can A Google Partner Marketing Agency Benefit My Veterinary Practice?

InTouch Practice Communications is proud to announce that we’ve officially become a certified Google Partner Marketing Agency!

You’re probably thinking, “Fantastic news! But… what’s Google Partners?”

That’s a great question, and it’s asked quite often. First, let’s talk a little bit about a company you may have heard of: Google. Now, it’s obvious that Google wants you as a practice owner to know how to fully utilize the tools they offer to their fullest extent. If you choose to work with a Google Partner Marketing Agency, you can rest easy knowing that your money is well spent because the individuals within that marketing agency have taken the time to thoroughly master the tools that Google offers – one of the most important tools being AdWords accounts.

What is Google AdWords?

Google AdWords is a paid advertising service that allows clients to display their ads on Google. They bid on keywords that users type in when they surf the Internet using Google, and use these keywords to build relevant ads. When a keyword that a client bids on is used, their ad pops up in the Google search results. Clients are able to set an advertising budget, and they only need to pay when users click on their ads. This method of marketing is called “Pay-Per-Click”.

And like I stated above, utilizing the services of a Google Partners Marketing Agency allows you to get the most out of Google AdWords, and thereby creating the most beneficial outcome for your practice.

How Does a Marketing Agency Become a Google Partner?

Google wants to be sure that a company is qualified before bestowing the title of “Google Partner” upon them. In order to qualify as a Google Partner, you must meet various requirements while demonstrating efficiency in managing AdWords campaigns.

The following are the minimum requirements for being a Google Partner:

  • 1 or more individuals within a marketing agency must hold a Google AdWords certification
  • The marketing agency must maintain a 90-day ad spend of $10,000 or more across its managed accounts
  • The marketing agency must meet performance requirements by maintaining ad revenue while growing its customer base

Meeting these requirements demonstrates to Google that a marketing agency is very knowledgeable in AdWords. Think of a Google Partner status as being similar to an AAHA accreditation. You have to meet high standards on a continual basis, and you’re given a stamp of approval that lets everyone know that your practice has worked hard to be among the best of the best.

Now that you understand a little more about what it takes to qualify as a Google Partner, let’s dive in to the real reason you’re here.

What are the Some of Benefits of Working with a Google Partner Marketing Agency?

Ad Spend Management – Working with a Google Partner has a great deal of benefits. Of course, the most beneficial one is knowing that the marketing agency has the knowledge and experience needed to properly handle your ad spend. Otherwise, you could be throwing away money.

Staying Ahead Of Your Competitors – Google releases beta features within AdWords, and before it hits the public, Google Partners are given access to test them. This puts the marketing agency – and your practice – ahead of the competition.

Beating The Customer Service Lines – Being a Google Partner allows a marketing agency to reach out to a Google representative faster than a non-Google Partner. With the amount of high volume calls Google receives, you can definitely understand this benefit.

Dedication or Consequence – In order to retain a Google Partner association, a marketing agency must continue to abide by Google’s practices or else it will lose its status as a Google Partner.


Are you ready to let our dedicated team drive your practice in the right direction? Call us today at 800-493-9003 to learn more about our Google Partner status, and how working with us can benefit your practice!