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What is a Digital GPA, and What Does It Mean for Your Practice?

A digital GPA (grade point average) is a grade that reflects your veterinary practice’s digital marketing efforts on Google. It’s a crucial tool that gives you detailed insight into your marketing techniques and overall performance. What Factors are Used to Calculate a Practice’s Digital GPA? The digital GPA grades your digital presence and marketing efforts…
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What is an Account Manager?

The role of an account manager is impossible to adequately define in one sentence. At InTouch, we have a remarkable account management team that makes it possible for us to serve our clients at the highest level. To help you understand just how important an account manager is, let’s start by explaining what exactly they…
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Why Your Veterinary Practice Needs to Use Email Marketing

You might think your veterinary practice has all the marketing it needs to be successful, but have you tried email marketing? The email inbox is a powerful tool you can use to grow your practice and retain clients. Don’t believe us? We’ve got stats that show just how important email is: By next year (2023),…
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Why Professional Auto-Attendant & Voicemail Recordings are Better for Your Practice

Communication is more vital than ever for veterinary practices, and one area of your practice that should never be overlooked is your phone system. When you need to communicate to pet owners without your team speaking to them directly, it’s important to have a clear and efficient system in place that redirects callers as needed…
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How to Humanize Your Veterinary Team and Connect with Pet Owners

Daily life at a veterinary practice can be stressful, hectic, and more than a little crazy. And sometimes, you need to remind your wonderful clients that you’re human, and you’re doing the best you can. If a pet owner knows something is wrong with their four-legged family member, it’s natural for their concern and anxiety…
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Flex Plus Membership: How Does It Benefit Your Business?

When you own and/or work at a veterinary practice, anything that can make operations run smoothly is certainly welcome! With a Flex Plus membership, you can streamline your message on-hold process and spend more time and energy serving your patients and clients. Message on-hold is an important marketing tool for vet practices, because with your…
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Local SEO vs Organic SEO: What’s the Difference?

Local SEO vs organic SEO-how are they different? Is one more important than the other? Understanding local SEO and organic SEO is essential if you’re determined to take your digital marketing to new heights and grow your practice. In the sections below, we explain the fundamentals of local SEO vs organic SEO, so you can…
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5 Impactful Ways to Promote Your Veterinary Pharmacy Online

Tons of veterinary practices have online pharmacies through which their clients can purchase parasite preventatives, nutritional supplements, food, treats, and more. The problem is, they have to compete with major 3rd party retailers like Chewy and PetMeds, which are super popular with pet owners. If you want more pet owners to use your online pharmacy,…
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3 Veterinary Blog Topics You Should Write About

A blog is a must-have for your veterinary practice’s website. But do you know what veterinary blog topics you should be covering? The purpose of a blog is of course to be educational and informative, but it also needs to answer questions people are actively asking in search engines. Veterinary blog topics can bolster your…
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Why Unique Website Content is Tremendously Important for Your Website

Unique website content is something that every veterinary practice should strive for in their digital marketing.  By “unique,” we mean content that is unique to your veterinary practice, and no other. In a world where uninspired, boilerplate copy is reheated and reused for countless practice websites, choosing custom SEO copy for your website is a…
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Google My Business Reporting: The Low-Down on Our Awesome New Report

We are proud to unveil our brand new, eye-opening Google My Business reporting for veterinary practices. If you’re an SEO client with InTouch, you might be well-versed in our SEO reporting, but what does this new, Google reporting mean for you? How will it affect your business? For answers to these questions and more, follow…
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Building a Stronger Brand Influence on Hiring

If your veterinary practice is struggling to attract and retain quality employees, we have some hiring tips that can give you a leg up over your competitors. In today’s cutthroat hiring climate, you’ll need to do more to get the attention of top talent and persuade them that you’re the best veterinary employer out there.…
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