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power of organic facebook posts

The Power of Creating Organic FB Posts

Do you want more activity and engagement on your Facebook page? Are you looking to grow your follower count and connect with more pet owners? Social media is fickle. You need to post consistently, week after week, to remain relevant to your followers. Ideally, the content you post should be of the organic variety if…
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Why Image Sliders are a Disaster for Your Veterinary Practice Website

You want your vet practice’s website to be the best it can be, with an attractive design, clean layout, and robust SEO. You want it to include attention-grabbing features; things that capture users and keep them on your website. An image slider, sometimes called a carousel, is an element that many websites utilize on their…
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Less is More: The Relationship Between the Paradox of Choice and Website Design

For many of us, we’re raised to believe that having more choices in life is always a good thing. And in some areas, it’s great to have lots of choices. But there is a dark side to this, and it’s called the paradox of choice. This issue has become increasingly apparent with the rise of…
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Why It’s Super Important to Update
Your On-Hold Messaging

For a new client contacting your veterinary practice, your on-hold messaging could be the first thing they hear from you. Like it or not, what the caller hears on the other end of the line will shape their first impression of your practice. And if what they’re hearing turns out to be inaccurate and out-of-date,…
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VMX 2022: A Mini Guide on What to Expect

VMX 2022 is almost here! We can’t wait to see all of what this 5-day event has to offer. VMX is the world’s leading veterinary conference, taking place every January in sunny Orlando, Florida. It’s a premier event where hundreds of speakers, exhibitors, and educators come together to teach, empower, and inspire veterinary professionals like…
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The Evolution of Video Marketing

by Bill Schroeder Video marketing has become an essential tool for practices aiming to grow and retain an ever-larger pool of clients. It’s easy to take video for granted, because it’s everywhere! Today, it’s hard to imagine there was a time when video was reserved for special occasions. When I was a child growing up…
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Why Humanizing the Workplace is Important for Your Team & Your Practice

by Bill Schroeder I’ve often told a story of when my youngest daughter Lilly ran into her 1st grade teacher at a restaurant in our town. Lilly was utterly amazed that Mrs. Carr was there and could not think or talk about anything but her disbelief for the rest of the evening. From that day…
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Organizing for Marketing Efforts:
5 Tips for Success

by Bill Schroeder Organizing for marketing efforts is a crucial step towards success. I clearly recall a conversation from years ago, when I was venting to and seeking guidance from a very successful veterinary marketing professional about how I was unable to get through all the tasks a typical day presents. Without even glancing up…
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Running a Content Contest

by Bill Schroeder Very frequently, I am met by practice owners and managers who are eager to reach their local pet owners, but don’t understand how to get started or what content will be most impactful. I often suggest that practices look inward and release the genius insight and knowledge that is often bottled up…
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How We Got Here: The Rise of Online Reviews

Online reviews didn't appear out of nowhere. Here we explore in brief the history of reviewing businesses and what the future holds.
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The Top 5 Most Valuable Review Websites for 2022

Bill Schroeder lists the industry's best 5 review websites for marketing your vet practice and building trust with pet owners.
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5 Tips for Getting Your Vet Team Involved in the Creation of Marketing Content

  by Bill Schroeder Recently while teaching a class on digital marketing to a group of seasoned veterinary professionals, I led an exercise whereby the attendees were to compile and share a list of their ideas for marketing content and the most necessary “calls to action.” While many had great ideas, one student’s contributions stood…
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