Why You Should Consider Using Facebook Ads

Lately, it seems that everyone is on Facebook. In fact, over a billion people log into their Facebook accounts each day!

While it’s important to create relevant and engaging posts on your practice’s Facebook page, there are more people out there who haven’t “liked” your practice’s page yet who could be a potential client. This is where Facebook ads come in.

A Facebook ad is different than a Facebook post. While a post can generate interaction, a Facebook ad can generate a CTA, or a “call to action”. A Facebook post is only visible on your practice’s page, and on Facebook users’ News Feeds who “like” and interact with your page. A Facebook ad shows on Facebook users’ News Feeds who might not have “liked” your practice’s page yet. Facebook ads are not posted on your practice’s Facebook page – they are in the News Feed. They come up naturally as people scroll through their News Feed.

So, what does this mean for you? It means that if you create a Facebook Ad for your practice with the correct budget, it could generate business from pet owners who might not have known about the services you provide, or that your practice was so close to where they live! The problem is if you don’t set it up correctly, you could be spending unnecessary funds from your budget.

Here’s an example: Your practice has decided to create a Facebook ad that focuses on boarding services. You have beautiful boarding suites and want more people to board their pets at your facility. The ad is launched on Facebook and is now part of a Facebook user’s News Feed.

Let’s call this Facebook user “John”.

So, John is scrolling through his News Feed. He’s looking at what his friends are up to, watching funny pet videos, and then he sees your ad about boarding services that your practice offers. The picture of your facility is amazing. John has a dog. He’s also getting ready to take a vacation soon, and doesn’t want his dog to have to deal with the fears of traveling on a plane. John decides to click on your ad, which directs him to your website to learn more about your amazing boarding accommodations.

Based on what he read, John has decided to give your practice a call to board his dog. After receiving great customer service and care for his pet, John is impressed and decides to write a review on your practice’s Facebook page about his experience. Other Facebook users see John’s good review and are now interested in your boarding services because they want to have an incredible experience for their pets too!

With Facebook recently becoming the mecca for the lives of many individuals, Facebook ads are the way to go with advertising for your practice. And we’re here to help! InTouch Practice Communications can create a Facebook ad for you! We have SEO-certified copywriters, agency talented graphic designers, and social media managers who always make their clients a top priority!

Interested? Then give us a call at 1-800-493-9003! We look forward to speaking with you about how our team can help you make the most of your practice’s social media presence through Facebook ads!