Digital Marketing Vs. Traditional Marketing

If you are like most veterinary practice owners, thinking about or making decisions about your marketing plan is one of your least favorite parts of the job. There are so many options out there; it’s hard to figure out what is effective and what is not. These options have multiplied over the last few years with the increase in the use of smartphones and social media; the ways to reach your potential clients have changed. The traditional marketing channels (print, television, and radio) that we have all been so familiar with, are seemingly forever being replaced by digital media.

What does that mean for veterinary practice owners?

Digital marketing represents a real opportunity, and also holds many clear advantages for the savvy veterinary practice marketer. It requires a little more effort and a little more knowledge than, let’s say for example, a “set it and forget it” phone book ad, but the pros can far outweigh the cons.

Digital Marketing is Less Expensive

The first and most obvious advantage that digital marketing holds over traditional marketing is in terms of cost. Phone book ads, billboards, and television commercials can cost thousands of dollars each month, and the prices for newspaper and radio ads aren’t much different. Most digital solutions are far more affordable, and some social media channels are free.

You can Interact with Clients Via Digital Marketing

Another key advantage to digital marketing is that it allows your veterinary practice to interact with your clients (and potential clients) in ways that aren’t possible through traditional channels. Clients themselves can like and comment on your Facebook posts, write reviews on Google and Yelp, and do some of the “heavy lifting” of getting the word out about the great services that you provide. The flexibility of digital content allows you to address your clients’ needs in real time; if people are asking about a local tick epidemic in the practice, address that on your website and on social media so that you become the go-to local source for information.

You can Track Your Success with Digital Marketing

Digital marketing is also fully accountable, unlike traditional channels. A reputable digital agency can account for all of the traffic on your website and all of the click-throughs from a Google Ad Words or Facebook ad campaign, so that you know your efforts are working. With traditional channels, this just isn’t possible.

In conclusion, while the many digital marketing options available can seem confusing, digital marketing represents many improvements over the traditional marketing channels. A reputable and experienced digital marketing agency, like InTouch Practice Communications, can help you develop a sound plan moving forward to turn that opportunity into new clients walking through the front doors of your practice!

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