Educating Your Clients on Holiday Pet Safety

Whether it’s the dark chocolate at Valentine’s Day, or the sparkling tinsel at Christmas time, there are many things about the holidays that can be dangerous to pets. The question is: Are you doing enough to educate your clients on these potential hazards? Sure, talking to them during their pet’s annual wellness visits is one opportunity, but my guess (as a long-time pet owner myself) is that it’s probably not something that comes up unless they ask about it.

But what if you could give your clients holiday safety tips every time they call your practice? To be more specific, I’m referring to a custom message on-hold program for your phone. Seems like a pretty good solution, right?

How to Use Your Phone as an Educational Tool

InTouch Practice Communications offers a variety of marketing tools for veterinarians, one of which is custom telephone message on-hold advertising. If you don’t already have this for YOUR practice, you should definitely consider it. Our on-hold advertising programs include a script for every season, which can include the holiday/seasonal tips of your choice. So when your clients are placed on hold, they can not only hear an array of holiday pet safety tips, but information about all of your services, too!

Seasonal Pet Safety Topic Examples

Here are just a few of the many holiday/seasonal pet safety topics that you can include in your custom on-hold programs:

  • Winter: Valentine’s Day chocolate toxicity, antifreeze safety, and outdoor safety (cold temperatures)
  • Spring: Easter lily toxicity, parasite dangers, and seasonal allergies
  • Summer: July 4th firework dangers, mosquito dangers (heartworm), and heatstroke
  • Fall: Christmas decorations, Halloween costumes, Thanksgiving food dangers

Keep your patients safe during the holidays by regularly giving their owners safety tips when they’re placed on hold. Want to learn more about on-hold advertising? We’re just a phone call away, at 1-800-493-9003.