The Eyes Have It: Good Graphics Can Make Your Website Pop

Let’s face it… most web surfers don’t really want to read long blocks of copy.

In today’s mobile device-driven society, it’s hard to keep the attention of web surfers. People want to get the information they need from your website fast.

Good graphics provide a fast information delivery system and should do at least one of following:

  • Help your target audience understand your point
  • Convey your company or practice’s “vibe”
  • Make the website structure simple and clear

The three main types of graphics that are used on websites are:

  • Photos
  • Videos
  • Infographics


An overabundance of words can be a lot of work for the eyes. Break up long blocks of text by inserting a compelling image (not a boring or irrelevant one) to give your reader’s eyes a break.

Try to choose photos that:

  • Feature real people who project a happy and pleasant tone[1]
  • Are taken at your practice (do not use stock photos)
  • Convey a concept through imagery


Videos really show that your practice is willing to go that extra mile for quality. Having videos on your landing page can drastically increase the number of visitors, as well as the number of visitors who become clients[2].

Some of the video types you can use to grab attention are:

  • How-To Videos
  • Demonstrations
  • Customer Testimonials


With infographics, you can say a lot without using a lot of words. This is a more involved form of visual information conveyance that the designer should carefully plan to make sure that the image is as intuitive as possible. The information conveyed should be accurate and relevant.

Below is an example of an infographic with data[3], [4], [5] supporting the efficiency of infographics.

The images on your website can determine whether a user stays on your site or decides to call you. Sending the right message with visual content requires careful thought and consideration.

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[4] Semetko, H. & Scammell, M. (2012). The SAGE Handbook of Political Communication, SAGE Publications.

[5] Nielsen, J. (2008). How Little Do Users Read?