Why Nobody Can Guarantee a #1 Ranking for Your Veterinary Practice

What would you think of a veterinary colleague guaranteeing that a pet owner’s beloved dog or cat will survive surgical treatment? You would probably question that guarantee as well as the vet’s credibility, because there are things beyond your control that could have a decisive influence on the outcome.

The situation is very similar when it comes to rankings in SEO. We believe that guaranteeing an organic (non-paid) ranking on e.g. Google is misleading, simply because there are too many factors that are beyond you and your agency’s control. These factors might play a key role in determining your SEO success.

First and foremost, we have no control over the Google algorithm that determines if and on what position your practice website shows up for a certain keyword. While Google has become more transparent over the years regarding what they like to see in a general sense, certain aspects of how they determine certain search results remain opaque.

We also have no control over what your competitors are doing. Strong competition might render the same SEO efforts that proved very successful in a less competitive environment a lot less effective. Needless to say, it takes a lot more to stay ahead of other practices that have serious marketing strategies in effect.

Of course, these uncertainties don’t mean that we can’t move the needle for your practice. While we’re not in possession of the Google algorithm, our SEO experts are highly skilled in applying best practices to your website and digital presence in general. We go to incredible lengths to make sure that we’re aware of all ongoing changes in the world of Google & Co.

A serious assessment of your practice’s situation and additional research into your competitors’ efforts enables us to determine a strategy that can truly make a difference. We do offer a realistic outlook on what can be done (and what can’t) with the amount of resources you’re willing to invest in digital marketing.

No matter who you entrust with your SEO and digital marketing, don’t fall for promises that are too good to be true. Ranking #1 for any keyword certainly falls under that category. Here is a link from Google that states “No one can guarantee a #1 ranking on Google.”