Pay-Per-Click and Your Practice

Getting your practice’s name out there for the public to find can be challenging for your practice, especially if your digital footprint is small or non-existent. One quick way to give your practice a booth is through paid ads, also known as pay-per-click or PPC. And with all strategies, there are pros and cons.

The Pros of PPC

The pros of PPC are that the results are almost instant. Once your campaign begins, online searchers will have the chance to see your ads at the top or side of the internet search screen. Seeing the results of your ads is also very quick, as you can see the frequency in which your ads are being clicked.

The Cons of PPC

However, despite the quick and easy nature of PPC campaigns, they are not something that can be set up and ignored. Ads need to be set up to target the correct audience to ensure you aren’t wasting money being clicked on by people who are not pertinent to your practice. On top of that, you have to ensure that your ads go to appropriate and easy-to-navigate pages of your website to ensure prospective clients don’t become confused and discouraged and end up leaving the site without performing some action (calling the practice, requesting an appointment, etc.).

Need a Leg Up?

Running multiple (or truthfully, even just one) PPC campaigns can be time-consuming and a full-time endeavor. However, if your practice needs a quick leg up in the digital space to boost traffic to your site or through your doors, PPC can be a fantastic tool. Interested in PPC, but unsure how to get started or if it would be of benefit to your practice? The team at InTouch will be happy to help you!