The Power of Creating Organic FB Posts

Do you want more activity and engagement on your Facebook page? Are you looking to grow your follower count and connect with more pet owners? Social media is fickle. You need to post consistently, week after week, to remain relevant to your followers. Ideally, the content you post should be of the organic variety if you want to generate more interest and interaction on your page. Organic Facebook posts are the secret sauce that will help you boost engagement, and they’re 100% free!

Let’s talk about what organic Facebook posts are vs. what they are not, and how you can create authentic, magnetic content that increases your social media visibility.

power of organic facebook posts

What is an Organic Facebook Post, Exactly?

An organic Facebook post is made with original content your team creates using custom photos, videos, and copy. This content is entirely unique to your veterinary practice, content that no other practice can fully replicate.

What Organic Facebook Posts are Not

Organic Facebook posts (or any other type of post) are not the same as Facebook ads. Ads must be paid for, and they run for a limited amount of time. What’s more, Facebook ads are only visible to people who are not following your page. Their whole purpose is to increase awareness of your veterinary practice and get more people to follow you. Facebook posts appear exclusively in your followers’ feeds.

Organic Facebook Post Ideas to Get the Creativity Flowing

If your team needs some inspiration to start creating organic Facebook posts, consult our list below!

veterinary staff

Make Organic Facebook Posts that Spotlight Your Team

Whether you want to focus on individual team members or an entire department (or everyone), showing your team’s smiling faces and bragging about how amazing they are will never go out of style. Pet owners want to see the people who are caring for their pets! Sharing photos and videos of your team is a great trust-builder, and it helps your followers connect with your practice on a more emotional level.

Some examples of team-centric Facebook post topics:

  • Birthdays
  • Work anniversaries
  • Getting married
  • Having a baby
  • Farewell parties
  • Welcoming a new member of the team
  • Meet the team/fun facts about individual team members
  • Individual or team accomplishments

Make Posts About the Pets You Treat (with Owner Permission!)

To be honest, a lot of your followers probably follow your Facebook page because they want to see cute, furry faces on their feeds. Everybody loves pets, and the more posts you share about them, the better. A lot of successful vet practices will regularly share organic Facebook posts featuring their adorable, four-legged patients, with permission given by the owner.

Popular pet-centric topics include:

  • Welcoming a new patient (new puppy/kitten or adult)
  • Then vs. now (before and after photos of patients grown up)
  • Patient birthdays and milestones
  • Heartwarming true stories about unique patient cases
  • “Just because” posts featuring cute candid photos
  • Promoting patients of rare/unique breeds
  • Promoting a patients’ recovery from illness or injury

Develop Posts that Educate Pet Owners

Client education is critical for vet practices. It’s one of the keys to developing trusting, long-lasting relationships with pet owners. And you can use organic Facebook posts to promote important, easily-digestible information to your audience!

Here are some ideas:

  • How-to videos
  • Q&A sessions where you answer questions submitted by pet owners
  • Offer tips and tricks
  • Spread awareness about lesser-known pet illnesses
  • Show owners how to brush their pets’ teeth
  • Recommend safe, healthy pet products
  • Teach pet owners how to clean their pets’ ears

Create Posts Around Current Local or National Events

You can get more interaction on Facebook if you create organic posts about local or national events. Sports championships, weather events, eclipses, pet-friendly festivals, the Olympics, and other celebrations can all be great topics to weigh in on, and they can help you appeal to more people.

Holiday posts are also always a favorite, especially when they include cute photos and videos!


Make Organic Facebook Posts Based on Trends

Pop culture offers limitless ideas for creating organic Facebook posts. If a movie, TV show, game, song, or meme seems relevant to you, create a post about it and have a little fun. Find a way to put a veterinary spin on it. We all partake in popular culture one way or another. When people see something they recognize and enjoy being talked about on your page, there’s a good chance they’ll like the post and maybe even share it with others.

What Makes Organic Facebook Posts So Great?

Why put time and energy into creating organic posts on Facebook when you can outsource? Is it really worth it?

Yes, and here’s why.

They Build Connections

Organic Facebook posts have a personal touch, and have greater appeal for your audience. Imagine trying to connect with your followers with sterile, non-personalized content that lacks warmth. Such posts will probably not be very effective, because they don’t say anything about who you are as a practice. By sharing personal photos and videos and speaking directly to pet owners on topics that are more relevant to them, you build bridges and inspire greater loyalty in your followers. Authenticity is important!

They Humanize Your Practice

People don’t want to interact with brands, they want to interact with other people. Showing the human side of your practice makes you look friendlier and more approachable to your followers. It also gives people a glimpse of different aspects of your practice that outsourced posts can’t show. Someone who is not a part of your practice team will not have the experiences and materials that you have to create truly organic Facebook posts.

They Inspire Trust

Organic Facebook posts have the ability to inform, educate, and reach pet owners in ways that outsourced posts can’t. Your followers will find it easier to trust your practice and your team when they know your names and faces, and can see how you care for your patients and clients. Even sillier topics can help to gain trust, because a sense of humor humanizes your practice. And who doesn’t like to have a good laugh every now and then?

Trust is essential to the veterinary-client-patient relationship, so you should always look for ways to build and nurture that trust via social media.

Need More Organic Facebook Post Ideas?

We would be more than happy to offer advice. Our social media experience encompasses Facebook and many other platforms, and we’ve seen our clients conquer their respective markets with creative and insightful organic Facebook posts.

If you need some tips to get started, call us today.