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Veterinary digital marketing solutions & strategy

Big agency smarts. Small agency service.

It’s hard to be successful without a plan. When is the last time someone walked you through your goals and developed a plan to exceed them? That’s what strategy is all about. Many firms can build websites; InTouch builds data and results-driven strategic programs that often include a highly converting website.

But we’re not for everyone. Our most successful relationships are those with practices that want to win. They understand that there is an opportunity; an online conversation is being held and they want to control it. We love helping practices win.

Practices that work with us benefit from our 25+ years of veterinary marketing experience. Simply put, we know the right formulas for engaging local pet owners with impactful messaging — and ultimately driving more business to your practice. Then, we report the results of our efforts in easy to understand reports and conversations designed to spark further growth. At the same time, our people are keeping their eyes on upcoming opportunities for success and will relate them to you as they are proven and relevant.

InTouch is strategy. Give us a call and ask for a strategic analysis today. You’ll be glad you did.


Pet parents have innumerable choices for veterinary services and experiences.


The difference between the services, experiences, and pricing of competing practices is hard to distinguish.


Competing priorities prevent pet parents from reserving adequate time for research.

Some of our Marketing Solutions designed to attract more clients


The internet is a crowded space. While organic marketing techniques may work for some practices, we are really good at identifying opportunities for our clients that allow them to reach more relevant and targeted audiences on Google and in social media. Simply put, if there is a chance for your practice to stand out and dominate the conversation online through paid search, we will introduce you to the opportunity, create great campaigns, and clearly demonstrate how these ads are making impact.

Social media marketing

Social is much more than posting cute pictures of puppies and kittens. InTouch understands that 68% of today’s consumers are impacted by a friend’s social media posts to the point that they make purchasing decisions. Our strategic approach is as educational as it is actionable and helps our clients develop a social media policy that engages the local market, clearly demonstrates the personality of the practice brand, and ultimately drives local pet owners to “want” to visit your practice.

Call tracking

One of the greatest aspects of digital marketing is the ability to track results back to the source or digital effort. Our phone call tracking software can do just that as every call generated through your website, social media, Google Ads, etc. is tracked so that you can see and literally hear how many leads are generated through every channel. This full-circle approach takes the guessing out of our results as they are available and easy to access.

We've got creds

Building a strategy to out-pace the competition

Every practice is unique. That’s why we take a custom approach with each of our veterinary partners.

Define goals and our starting position.

We start by learning what your goals are and defining where you are at today (point A). From there, we’ll work together to set a realistic vision for where you want to end up (point B) and then start architecting solutions to make it happen.

Establish audiences and analyze your market.

Next, we perform a competitive analysis to gather insights about consumers and competition in your market. This data will inform how we develop our strategies to fill your appointment book with the right pet parents.

Create a roadmap.

We’ll create a strategic roadmap unique to your practice that will help us filter our ideas and prioritize only those that produce ROI-positive effects.

Provide custom reporting.

We look beyond site visits, bounce rate, and ad clicks to measure true marketing effectiveness, so you’ll always know if our efforts are producing real-world results.

Protect your budget.

We continuously test, measure, and optimize our solutions to ensure they work for you and that you only invest in marketing that actually impacts your practice.

Every success story has a strong strategy behind It. Start writing yours.

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