Veterinary Reputation Monitoring:
see what clients are saying about your practice

People are talking. The most difficult aspect of managing your veterinary clinic’s online health is knowing what’s being said by whom. Gone are the days where simply setting up a Google alert for common terms and monitoring a Yelp! site are enough to capture the buzz. Our Watchdog system monitors the electronic landscape for custom and specific terms, keywords, and phrases that your current and potential customers might use when reviewing your practice and your competitors online and through social media.

Our Watchdog clients work with one of our seasoned veterinary reputation monitoring analysts to review your current reputation, establish a plan for developing and monitoring keywords and phrases, and receive regular reports outlining the online reputation of your veterinary hospital and that of your competitors.

Why Is Your Online Reputation Important?

The fact is, when pet owners are searching for a veterinarian, they’re not equipped to evaluate good or bad veterinary medicine. In turn, they revert to what they understand and trust. The online appearance of your website and social media combine with what the public is saying about you! Knowing what your clients are saying allows you to respond accordingly with direct messages back to the reviewer, fix highlighted problems, and develop a plan which will promote positive reviews and feedback. But, if you do not know where to search, how will you know if your veterinary hospital reviews are positive or negative? Who will monitor your reputation? We will!

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