Veterinary SEO: Helping Your Website Get Found

Having a website is a great way to establish an online presence, but what’s equally important is ensuring that your website can be found in search engines. It all boils down to getting your message in front of as many current and prospective clients as possible. Let’s pretend for a minute that you were asked to give a speech on the life of a vet to your local chamber of commerce, but the unthinkable happened. No one showed up to hear you speak. The room was empty. Would you still deliver your speech even though no one would hear your message? Having a website that can’t be found is a lot like delivering that speech to an empty room; no one is listening.

This is where search engine optimization (SEO) techniques come into play. Our team of accomplished professionals will track, measure, and evaluate your current website rankings as well as those of your competing practices. Ultimately, our goal is to recommend and introduce an ongoing plan of techniques designed to have your website rank competitively. You’ll speak regularly with your search engine optimization strategist, making certain that your needs are addressed and goals are being met. Your results will be explained, a strategy will be refined, and progress will be measured in a language you’ll understand.

seoinsetVeterinary SEO Packages to Meet Your Online Marketing Needs

Different practices have different needs, which is why we offer various veterinary SEO packages from which to choose. Every package is customized to fit the needs of our clients in their markets, and most of them include:

  • Market analysis and consult
  • Optimized keywords
  • Several consultations throughout the year
  • 10 or more optimized pages, written by one of our copywriters

With our higher-level packages, you can also receive social media integration, reputation monitoring, and so much more! Unsure how to determine which package to get? Don’t worry. That’s our job. We’ll do all the dirty work for you so you can have the veterinary SEO package that fits you like a glove. Or maybe that nice pair of jeans from your high school or college days.

Interested in learning more about our veterinary SEO packages? Give us a call at (800) 493-9003. One of our sales reps will be happy to speak with you.

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