Veterinary Social Media: Share Your Message on Various Platforms

We understand that your veterinary practice has a story to tell. Social media is today’s most effective method for sharing that story with your current and prospective clients. But we know that with all the platforms out there, choosing the right one can be confusing. Don’t worry. The social media gurus of InTouch Practice Communications have you covered. This approach allows you to practice great medicine while we develop effective methods for sharing your story.

Like the other products we offer, we’ve invested tremendous resources into the social space. We’ve also leveraged our understanding of veterinary medicine to develop custom social media tools that allow practices to reap the benefits of this exciting medium. Consider the following FAQs for more information about our social media services:

Which Veterinary Social Media Marketing Tool Is Best for Me?

Tough question. To answer it properly, we need to know your veterinary practice, the region that you operate within, and the time level of veterinary social media marketing expertise available at your practice. If we had to answer generally speaking, we’d suggest that you pay very close attention to Facebook because it has the largest audience (more than 600,000 million active users). Are you more of a Twitter, Google+, and/or Pinterest fan? We can help with those, too! Social media platforms come and go very quickly. We’ll help you identify the channels that will work best for you and ensure that they’re set up to be found by your target audience and search engines. After all, if your information can’t be found, why bother? This is why we include social media in many of our SEO packages.

What Content Best Engages Pet Owners?

We’ve all heard the stories of inappropriate or ineffective content posted by veterinary clinics. Many times, veterinary hospitals have been frustrated because they get very little traffic on posts detailing important (perhaps life-saving) advice, but they get dozens of shares, likes, and comments on pictures of “cute kittens.” The certified social media copywriters and graphic artists of InTouch Practice Communications maximize the reach of your message by understanding the mediums, the behaviors of those who use those channels, and creating relevant, compelling custom content for your clinic that is delivered in a consistent manner.

sminsetWho Should Manage My Practice’s Social Media Accounts?

That depends. Unfortunately, the “knee jerk” response of most veterinary hospitals to social media management is to delegate the responsibility to the youngest member of the hospital staff. While this might be appropriate some of the time, our experience is that those people are most often not as familiar with using social media as a professional marketing tool as your practice needs. If you would feel confident in having this same person design, write, and distribute a new brochure without your reviewing the content, AND this person also has a great grasp on social media tools, this person might be the “right” person for the job. At InTouch Practice Communications, we use our 20+ years of veterinary marketing experience to create custom posts WITH your practice.

Does Social Media Have an Impact on Veterinary Website SEO?

Absolutely. Recent trends and changes in how search engines value and use content have created a huge place for social media. We have seen trends that point towards the search engines valuing the opinions, shares, likes, and overall interaction with social media content that is connected to their websites. InTouch Practice Communications creates social media channels for veterinary practices that are connected to their websites and insure that your practice will experience all the benefits available.

Can InTouch Regularly Maintain and Monitor My Veterinary Social Media Accounts?

We sure can! We know that in order to be effective within the social media space, veterinarians must present relevant information on a consistent basis. Simply put, your social media needs to be managed and monitored regularly. This can be a very challenging feat for practices. InTouch Practice Communications can help. As a social media client of ours, you’ll work closely with our team who will learn about your practice and monitor your social media accounts.

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