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We’ve been creating some awesome veterinary websites for hundreds of clients all over the country. Check out our gallery below to have a looksie! Be sure to also see what others are saying about our digital marketing tools and how these tools have helped their veterinary practices thrive.

Veterinary Website Gallery

Scroll through the slideshow to view the desktop and mobile samples of each website. To visit the full websites, click on the sample images.


Client Reviews: See What Others Are Saying!

The website design process was great…

Alicia Halperin, Thornhill Pet Hospital

InTouch Practice Communications has been a huge help to our practice. We started with the message on-hold service years ago and have added additional services over the years. The website design process was great, the Web design team really listened to us, and we were able to design a custom website from the ground up that is an excellent representation of our practice.

Over the years, the website has evolved and grown. The SEO team has been extremely helpful in increasing our visibility on the internet. The monthly reports that they provide extremely informative, showing us where we made gains and where we may need to improve. We recently added the social media to the suite of services. The postings on Facebook are very creative and interactive. We also have Twitter and Pinterest, Google Plus, You Tube, and a WordPress blog. The social media component allows us to strengthen the bond with our clients. It is something that I have been wanting to offer but have neither the skill set or time to manage on my own.

They have gone above and beyond…

Julie Sweers, Scott Lake Veterinary Center

The ladies of InTouch Practice Communications are outstanding. They have gone above and beyond to help my veterinary hospital achieve a professional website. It is amazing. They listened to my staff comments and provided expert suggestions and directions! Would definitely recommend Kate and Evelyn and the team to anyone wanting to make their website award winning! Thank you!

...we are getting more traffic from other areas now…

Kim Sanders, The Animal Emergency Hospital of North Texas

Thanks for the report. I did not even know about that review. It was great. We have had a couple of good ones over the last couple of weeks. Everything looks good, and it looks like we are getting more traffic from other areas now. Keep up the good work, and we really appreciate all you do for us.

They truly provide excellent services for their clients

Kimberly Cerny, Blum Animal Hospital

Making the switch to InTouch Practice Communications was the best decision we made.  The team at InTouch are truly experts in the world of veterinary marketing and with their guidance and support, we now have a website that’s not only easier and more engaging for our clients but one that has drastically improved our SEO rankings.  InTouch Practice Communications doesn’t just advertise their excellent services- they truly provide excellent services for their clients.

The dental promotion for January and February absolutely exploded...

Dr. Mike Bunnell, Fayetteville Veterinary Hospital

The dental promotion for January and February absolutely exploded. We had to book them through all of March and in to early April because we couldn’t get them all done before the end of February. We reeled in a few new clients along the way, so the ad definitely worked.

…four new clients found us through the Facebook ad…

Vanessa Yeager, Full Circle Animal Health Care

Thanks so much. I found out yesterday that our four new clients found us through the Facebook ad/Facebook page, and that really made me happy. You do a great job—much better than I could ever do—and it helps to know people are finding us through social media!

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