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Our team has already started running your fully custom competitive analysis, and we look forward to going over the results with you at Fetch West 2019. Too eager to wait? Schedule a time to go over the results with Jeff, one of our analysts, right now! See you soon!

Get the facts:

Our websites have a 17.2% average GMB conversion rate.
17% may not sound like a lot but compare that to the average rate of 5% and 17 starts to look pretty darn good, now, doesn’t it?

Attend Bill's speaking sessions:

Our lead educator and co-founder Bill Schroeder has decades of experience creating and delivering educational experiences that are as entertaining as they are impactful.  These custom sessions are molded around the needs of the group, large or small, so that great understanding and immediate implementation is possible.

Bill is a founder of InTouch with over 25 years of veterinary marketing experience in working with thousands of practices.

<strong>Bill Schroeder</strong> Veterinary marketing and dad joke expert

Bill’s sessions are all on Sunday, Dec 15th in Room 7B


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