Exclusive Offer for Clients: SEO-Optimized Blog at No Additional Cost

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Your Veterinary Blog Helps You Attract More Pet Owners

One of the best things you can to capture new clients is to add a veterinary blog to your website. We do this for our most successful clients and we can do this for you, too - at no additional cost.

Rank higher in Google, feed your social media, and become the online authority in your market.

Here’s How It Works

Once you tell us you’re interested, here’s how our team gets to work for you:

We use research and our expertise to build out a content calendar for articles to get your approval.

Our design team and copywriters get started designing the blog to fit your website and actually writing SEO-optimized articles.

We show you the blog and some initial articles for approval.

After we receive approval, we launch your blog and articles… and we’re off and running. Each month you’ll receive new articles to approval as well as reporting on how your blog is helping you.

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Here’s how you benefit:

Our expert copywriters do the tedious research and hard work of writing SEO-optimized content that targets popular searches that pet owners are performing in your area. Here’s how you benefit-

Your Blog Ranks Higher for Locally Focused Searches

We’re creating content that is targeted to your specific area so that when pet owners near you perform a search, we are best positioned to rank at the top of search results.

Articles Feed Your Social Media

These articles get shared on Facebook and other social media platforms, where it is shared by your followers and clients with other pet owners who then visit your website.

Benefits for Existing Clients, Too

Your staff can provide your existing clients with links to particular topics they may be asking about (“Why does my dog have stinky breath?”) to help them become better pet parents.

Content Supports Services You Offer

We write content that positions you as an authority for topics like “dog teeth cleaning” and “parasite prevention” then link it to service pages on your website.

Blogs are Key for Link Building Strategies (with Huge SEO Benefits)

Using link-building tactics like positioning your content as guest blogs on influencer websites, we improve your online link profile and help your entire website rank higher for more searches.

The best part? You get all this at absolutely no additional cost. No strings attached. Just results.

Offer Details

  • Offer available for a limited-time only.
  • SEO-optimized blog at no additional cost available to all digital/website clients at the $699/month investment level and greater.
  • All clients may take advantage of this offer through 10/2/2020. All client offer expires 10/2/2020.
  • If you wish to upgrade your SEO package, please contact us to learn about all the benefits, including our SEO-optimized blogs.