Providing just a handful of reasons why you should trust InTouch Practice Communications is an easy task. Obviously, we are dedicated to veterinary medicine and can demonstrate our experience, knowledge, and capabilities to produce great products in hundreds of ways. But, we thought we’d give you a handful of ideas why choosing us is a great idea.

  1. We Build Products That  Work: Novel idea huh? We meet with our clients on a regular basis to discuss, in easy to understand terms, exactly how their programs are performing and to learn about current practice or local market issues that could cause a shift in our plan to achieve success.
  2. We Care: Sure, everybody says that. In fact, it would be crazy to say otherwise. But the truth is that our entire staff realizes how small the veterinary community is and how dependent we are on our reputation to create the industry’s finest work. We know that if we do a great job for you that you will spread the word and more clients will come our way. More clients lead to continued growth, greater security for our staff, and ultimately more opportunities for us all to grow. We get it. You’ll feel that we do.
  3. We Have Great Veterinary Marketing Ideas: Since our staff is fully immersed both in veterinary medicine and digital marketing, it is quite common for us to recognize strategies that may be working to help veterinarians reach local pet owners in other markets and apply them to yours and/or to find very unique applications of trending digital marketing opportunities. Look at us as your veterinary marketing think tank.
  4. We Work In-House, Full-time: All employees are full-time team members and work in-house at our Highland, Indiana offices. This approach creates incredible project collaboration, quick turnaround, and a team that is easy to manage
  5. We Offer Exceptional Customer Service: If we could move mountains to help you, we would. That’s how dedicated we are to taking care of our clients.  Although we have thousands of clients, we make every effort to treat each and every one of them like our one and only, and our client testimonials prove it.  when you have a question, you can call our office and speak to your dedicated project manager, not a call center, not a “leave a message and wait 48 hours,” we are here for you!

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