Veterinary Message On-Hold Programs: By Industry Experts

Our team has more than 22 years of experience creating veterinary telephone on-hold programs, so you’ll be in good hands. We promise.

Every custom veterinary message on-hold program is created by a team of seasoned copywriters that work with you to make certain your message is conveyed properly. Our copywriters do the “heavy lifting” of custom content creation while keeping an eye on message length and sentiment, thus ensuring that the end product not only sounds like your practice personality, but ultimately motivates pet owners.

A Telephone Message On-Hold Package That Veterinarians Need

Each package includes five fully custom 14-minute-long programs that are written and recorded around the four seasons. The fifth “bonus” program is designed to be played during the winter holidays. This approach assures that your practice is always playing custom, relevant messaging throughout the year.

InTouch Makes Creating Custom Veterinary Message On-Hold Programs Easy


Step 1. We Get to Know You

The first step involves you completing a few worksheets that allow us to learn about your practice. These questions have been based on our 22 years of understanding the needs of a veterinary practice and how to motivate their clients. We know the questions pet owners ask your front desk and have found ways to effectively incorporate the answers into your veterinary message on-hold program.

Step 2. We Ship Our Professional Message On-Hold Player

As soon as your order is received, we ship our professional veterinary telephone message on-hold player to your practice. It will arrive pre-loaded ready to use with general courtesy messages and easy-to-understand self-installation instructions. Installation usually takes about five minutes (three of the minutes include opening the box), but if you need assistance, help is just a call away.

Step 3. Details Are Covered in a Brief Telephone Interview

With your packet in hand, and only after researching your practice needs, your “veterinary fluent” copywriter will contact you to schedule a phone interview. Think of this as a “fill-in-the-blanks” call, which typically includes follow-up questions to the information you provided in your packet, allowing us to learn and inject your true opinions and personality into your messaging.

Step 4. We Write Scripts That Sound Like Your Practice

After your scriptwriter has all the information she/he needs, we get to work writing the script! Once complete, we’ll send you a script to review. You’ll have the opportunity to make any changes you’d like and revisions will continue (usually a few times) until we’ve created a program that sounds just like you!

Once you’ve read your script, smile and think, “Yep. Sounds just like us,” you’ll sign an approval form, signaling that we can begin recording.

Step 5. Digital Recording and Editing by Veterinary Experts

Your custom message on-hold program will be recorded in our all-digital recording studio by one of our professional voice artists with many years of veterinary experience. Our talent is well-versed with veterinary terms and unique pronunciations, thereby ensuring a smooth process and that every program is listener-friendly…because easy listening leads to great learning.

Our skilled audio engineers will produce your program in a digital format, blending the spoken words with your chosen music tracks.  Many veterinary practices choose a unique music bed for each season creating a fresh sound for each program. If you’d like some help selecting your music, just ask, our engineers know our library like the backs of their hands! Then, your programs are rendered in a digital format and emailed to you!

Step 6. Future Message Changes Are Easy and Inexpensive

Over time you will need to update your messages to reflect changes at your practice. Our Flex Plus Plan lets you do that for one low annual fee. We don’t call it “Flex” for nothing; with this plan, you have a lot of flexibility for updating your program and music on an unlimited basis. Click below to learn more.

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