Flex Plus Plan:
Make unlimited message and music changes

So you’re planning to buy a message on-hold program, or maybe you already have one, and you’re wondering about making changes to your scripts after they’ve been recorded. Your practice probably changes on a monthly or maybe even weekly basis, so your on-hold program should change regularly, too, right? Like many things in life, there’s a fee involved every time you want to change something, whether it’s your cell phone or that old pair of shoes. But with our Flex Plus Plan, you can make all the changes you want to your on-hold program for just one low annual fee. You’re welcome!

Benefits of Flex Plus

Our Flex Plus Plan allows you to:

  • Make unlimited message (verbiage) changes to your scripts
  • Make unlimited music changes to your programs
  • Create unlimited short programs (such as promotional or seasonal programs)
  • Have unlimited tech support
  • Receive our monthly e-newsletter which features valuable information about popular on-hold topics and our other products

Having the flexibility to change your on-hold program whenever you want without worrying about paying for every change you make takes the stress out of the updating process. It’s also cost effective and can save you hundreds of dollars a year on updates, and who DOESN’T like to save money?

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