Veterinary Message On-Hold Samples & Reviews:
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Interested in hearing samples of our message on-hold programs? Well, of course you are! Do you want to hear what people are saying about our programs? Sure you do because you might see some of your friends’ names listed below or featured as samples…and that will make you smile…and well, smiling is fun! Check out the following medleys, music samples, and reviews!

On-Hold Message Samples

With thousands of practices under our belt, we’ve never met a practice we didn’t love. We have worked with all kinds of practices and always enjoy learning what makes each different. Take a look around, click on your specialty, and take a listen. You’ll be glad you did.


Customer Reviews

Our customer reviews make us smile. We’re happy to receive your feedback—and yes, we even love it when you tell us what we can improve upon (excuse me while I get a Kleenex)—because it gives us insight on what we’re doing right and where we can do better. Our team works hard to create quality, custom products for our clients, and to give them a positive experience throughout every phase of the production process. Please take a few minutes to see what some of our clients are saying about us!

We hope you have a great idea of what it would be like to work with us! If you have more questions, let us know. Otherwise, if you would like to have us create a couple FREE custom sample messages for your practice, click the button below, and let’s get this puppy started!

If you would like to see what an on-hold program will sound like for your practice so you can submit your OWN review, request a demo today!

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Done So Quickly!

Lynn, Kulshan Veterinary Hospital

Thank you and your staff so much for getting this done so quickly! What a relief to have you guys to help when we need it!

Excellent Service

Cagney, Southwest Virginia Veterinary Services

We’ve had nothing but excellent service from InTouch Practice Communications!”

You Guys Are Impressive, Speedy Turnaround Time!

Kelly, Companion Animal Veterinary Hospital

OMG! You already have it finished? You guys are impressive! Thank you so much for your speedy turnaround time for this. I will get it on our on-hold message since dental month starts in a few days. Again, you guys are the best!