Veterinary Message On Hold:
Making great client connections

Veterinary Message On-Hold in Action

A veterinary practice can be a very busy place, often requiring telephone callers to be put on a brief hold. Sometimes, callers hear the radio or soothing classical music. Other times, they are met with deafening dead air and are left feel bored, unmotivated, or wondering if they got disconnected. While some think that having music playing is sufficient, you should know that music doesn’t help educate pet owners or grow your practice.

Callers Want to Properly Care for Their Pets: Use Telephone On-Hold to Educate.

Those who call your veterinary hospital are interested in caring for their pet and are looking for your opinions on how to do so properly. A custom veterinary telephone message on-hold program informs and educates your callers while they are on hold and can explain why your practice is different than others in the community.

We Know Veterinary Medicine. This Is Our Space.

With 22 years of veterinary experience and over 6,000 practices under our belt, we are proud to offer a telephone message on-hold system that is truly the standard in veterinary medicine. Our educational, very consistent marketing tool allows you to use your telephone on-hold button as a gentle salesperson while giving listeners something intriguing to hear while on hold. Our systems are fully custom and are developed around the needs of your practice. We focus on your services, promotions, and all of the details that make your practice “sparkle.” This way, when you place a caller on hold, your custom-written messages will support your veterinary practice brand and offerings, sales will increase, your clients will be better prepared for their appointments, and compliance will skyrocket.

You Need a Veterinary Message On-Hold Program. We Make it Easy.

Having an on-hold program is often the very first opportunity for your practice to influence your current and prospective clients. While some pet owners might visit your website first, others will go straight for the phone to get their information.

Worried about having enough time to get this done? Don’t fret; our programs are easy to produce, as our team speaks fluent “veterinary.” You don’t have to take the time to teach us what’s important or the words that make the most impact. We understand how to learn about your practice, create messages that sound like your personality, and ultimately, how to motivate pet owners.

With a veterinary message on-hold program, you can:

  • Promote your services, products, and special offers
  • Educate clients and prospective clients on why your practice is the best choice for their pets
  • Drive traffic to your website and Facebook page
  • Increase sales and compliance with a well-educated client base
  • Give callers something more intriguing to listen to than silence or music

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How It Works