Frequently asked questions

Although you may already be familiar with how an app works from a user standpoint, this might be your first time on the other side of the app—the “controller” side. The following FAQs give you some basic information on the functionality of the HAPPYVET app.

After I Purchase the App, What Will be the Next Step?

You will be trained by one of our project managers on how to manage the content and imagery of the app on a dashboard. We recommend that you install the app yourself on your mobile device so that you’ll be better equipped to help your clients, should they have any questions. After you’re trained, you’ll be able to keep coupons, loyalty cards, etc. up-to-date.

How Can My Clients Start Using the App?

Of course, the first thing your clients will need to do is install the app on their mobile devices. Once the app is installed, they’ll need to create an account as well as a profile for themselves and their pets.

How Does the App Track a Pet’s Exercise?

One of the great features of HAPPYVET is that it allows pet owners to keep track of their pets’ exercise activity. This feature works with GPS and is intended for use when owners are taking a walk or run with their pets.

How Will I Receive My Clients’ Appointment Request Via Email?

Another great feature of HAPPYVET is that it allows your clients to request appointments and prescription refills. These requests will be sent to you via email.

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