How We Create Your Brand:
A step-by-step guide

Whether you have a need for a new logo or a logo revamp, our experienced designers are here to meet it. The logo creation process consists of the following steps:

Step 1. The Worksheets

You’ll receive these worksheets after placing your order with us. These worksheets include questions about your practice, logo likes and dislikes, and color and style preferences. Your responses will help our designers create a logo that best reflects your practice.

Step 2. Preliminary Design Meeting

This is the time when we meet to review your likes/dislikes and get more feedback on what you’re looking for with your new logo. After we get enough info from you, our designer can get started on a few concepts.

Step 3. Design Reveal

After the designer works her magic, she’ll present several logo options in black and white during what we refer to as a “Design Reveal” meeting. You’ll have the opportunity to request the changes you’d like at this time.

Step 4. Edits (if applicable)

The designer will take your requests into account to help us fine-tune your new logo.

Step 5. Concept Approval

When you’re satisfied with the design concept of your logo, we will inject your branding colors into the logo design for final approval.

Step 6. Logo Completed

Once the colored version of your logo is approved, we will save everything in all basic file formats for you to keep on file for any future branding needs.

And that’s it! Pretty straightforward, huh? Interested in seeing some of the logos we’ve created in the past? Check out our portfolio!

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