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Spring Seasonal Allergies

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Aaaah…choo! Did you know that your pet can suffer from seasonal allergies just like humans can? The sneezing, watery eyes and running nose, plus itchy, irritated skin can be as miserable for them as it is for us. Bring your pet in to have them tested for allergies; we can recommend therapies and treatments to keep your furry friend feeling their best…and that’s nothing to sneeze about! Ask us how we can help your pet get through allergy season when we return to the line.

Option 2

As the seasons change, your pets can suffer from allergies. Watery eyes, running nose and sneezing, plus, itchy skin are no fun and can make your pet irritable and uncomfortable. You visit the doctor when you have allergy symptoms or a skin rash, so why should it be any different for your pet? Our team can address allergy and skin rash issues to help them feel better. Get your best friend some well-deserved relief by scheduling a visit with us when we return to your call. 

Online Pharmacy

Option 1

These days, everyone is busier than ever. Save yourself a trip by ordering from our online pet pharmacy. Our practice partners with a highly accredited national pharmacy that meets the strictest standards for quality, privacy, authentication and security of prescription orders. You’ll find over-the-counter items, as well as a prescription refill option. Visit our online pharmacy today for all your pet’s medical needs. Ask us more about it when we come back to the line.

Option 2

If you do a lot of your shopping online, check out our convenient online pet pharmacy where you can order a wide array of high-quality items, from heartworm preventatives to food, and more! Your order is safe and secure since we partner with a highly accredited national pharmacy. Order online and spend more time playing with your beloved companion. We can tell you more about our online pharmacy when we return to your call in a moment.

Springtime Outdoor Safety

Option 1

As fairer weather moves in, we spend more time outdoors…and so do our pets…but even if the day is warmer, evening and night temperatures can dip. If you’re cold, your pet is probably cold, so keep outside time short. Be aware of outdoor hazards like antifreeze, which tastes sweet to pets, but can poison them…so store it out of reach. Lawn and garden fertilizers and pesticides are also dangerous, so keep pets away to avoid poisoning. If your pet is vomiting and has diarrhea, bring them in as soon as possible. Learn more about outdoor safety when we return.

Option 2

How much time outside is too much time? When it’s dangerous to your pet. Keep outdoor time short if it’s too cold and be aware of hazards that lurk that can harm your pet. Lawn and garden fertilizers and pesticides can make your pet sick…please keep pets off treated lawns and follow all safety information for the product you’re using. Certain types of plants can also be poisonous if ingested. When we return to your call ask us which outdoor elements to avoid which can harm your precious pet.

Reminder: ProHeart 12

Option 1

A healthy pet is a happy pet, so keeping current on heartworm prevention is key to maintaining your best friend’s well-being. We offer ProHeart 12, a once-a-year injection that prevents heartworm for 12 full months…so there’s no worry about forgotten dosages. Heartworms are parasites that pets can contract when they’ve been bitten by infected mosquitos and the disease can be fatal. ProHeart 12 is a safe, effective, convenient and easy way to protect your pet. Ask us about ProHeart 12 when we return to the line.

Option 2

Heartworm is a year ‘round threat to your pet. A single mosquito bite is all it takes to transmit the disease, and if left untreated, it can be deadly. Fortunately, heartworm disease is preventable…an annual injection of ProHeart 12 will protect your pet for 12 months. That means no worries and no chance of missing a more frequent preventive dose. We can screen for heartworm and other parasites…ask one of our trained professionals about heartworm screening and ProHeart 12 when we come back to your call in a moment.

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