frequently asked questions

Now that you have your custom message on-hold program, and your clients have something more intriguing to listen to when they’re on hold, you might have some questions. Well, we’ve got the answers. Check out the following list of FAQs, and give us a call if you don’t see your question listed.

How Do I Transfer the Digital Files to My Player?

The following video provides step-by-step instructions on how to transfer your audio files from your computer to your flash drive to your USB player.

Is There a Fee to Update My Programs After I’ve Received Them?

With the Flex Plus Plan there isn’t! This plan allows you to make unlimited message and music changes for just one annual fee. Visit our Flex Plus Plan page to learn more. 

How Do I Update My Scripts After I’ve Received My Programs?

Simply send an email to and attach your most recent scripts with your changes marked.

How Do I Mark My Changes?

We offer the following options for making changes:

  • Option 1: Type your changes directly into your scripts. Please indicate where your changes are by highlighting or changing the font color of the paragraph(s) you change. Save the scripts, attach them to an email, and send them to
  • Option 2: Make sure the “Track Changes” feature is on while you make the changes. Save the scripts, attach them, and email them to
  • Option 3: List the changes you’d like made, including any additional topics you’d like added, in an email to
  • Option 4: Print your scripts and mark your changes with a pen by crossing off any sections that you wish to omit and/or writing words or phrases that you wish to add. Please be sure to write legibly. Then, fax your revised scripts to (800) 493-9049.

What Do I Do if I Lost My Scripts?

Simply send an email to to request your most recent scripts, or call us at (800) 493-9003.

How Do I Update My Music?

Visit our Music Library to hear samples of our music options. Once you’ve found the track you like, email us at with the title as well as which program(s) you’d like the music to accompany (spring, summer, fall, winter, or other). That’s it!

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