Emergency Veterinarian in Lakeland, FL Parkway Veterinary Emergency Clinic

Parkway Veterinary Emergency Clinic offers Lakeland, FL after-hours emergency and critical veterinary care. With overnight weekday hours and 24/7 weekend availability, we are open when others are not to best serve you when pet emergencies strike at inconvenient times. Our animal hospital is not just an emergency vet; we are an extension of care, working closely with the community's general practice veterinarians.

Our hours are Monday-Thursday 6:00pm to 8:00am, and Friday 6:00pm through 8:00am on Monday. If your pet is facing an after-hours or weekend emergency, give us a call at (863) 665-3199.

Address: 3609 US Hwy 98 S, Lakeland, FL, 33803

Phone: (863) 665-3199

Website: https://pvecvets.com/

Lakeland, FL After Hours Emergency Veterinarian

Pet emergencies can strike at inconvenient times: after dinner, overnight, in the early morning, or even on the weekends. That is why Parkway Veterinary Emergency Clinic is open when others are not.

Do you think your pet is having an emergency? Give us a call at (863) 665-3199.

Emergency Care and Urgent Vet Care

We have the expertise, technology, and capacity to treat both urgent and emergency situations. This means that Parkway Veterinary Emergency Clinic is the one-stop-shop for all of your pet's needs.

What is the difference between emergency and urgent care?

How to Know if Your Pet is Having an Emergency

Emergency situations can be life-threatening, and should be addressed as quickly as possible. If you think your pet is having an emergency, give us a call at any time. Some of the signs of a medical emergency in pets are:

  • Choking or difficulty breathing
  • Collapse, paralysis, or loss of consciousness
  • Sudden drop or rise in body temperature
  • Excessive, constant diarrhea or vomiting
  • Excessive bleeding, or bleeding from the nose, mouth, or rectum
  • Trauma from an accident such as falling, fighting, or being hit by a car
  • Abnormal heart beat
  • Severe allergic reactions
  • Labor difficulties

These are just some of the many symptoms your pet may show while in an emergency. If your pet is showing one or some of these symptoms, give us a call. Our staff is standing by ready to assist you.

How to Tell if Your Pet Needs Urgent Veterinary Care

Urgent care for pets can be qualified as serious, but not life-threatening, conditions. Although this means that your pet's life may not be in danger, they still need to seek care sooner rather than later.

Signs that your pet needs urgent care are:

  • Minor injuries, not including broken bones or excessive bleeding
  • Ear infections and UTI
  • Lameness and limping
  • Change in appetite
  • Difficulty urinating or passing stool
  • Unexplained bumps or lumps
  • Parsites
  • Foreign body ingestion

Again, these are just some of the many situations that may call for urgent care. If you have any questions about your pet and if they need urgent or emergency care, give us a call.

Parkway Veterinary Emergency Clinic is here for you and your pet. Call us today at (863) 665-3199 or visit us online.