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Taconic Veterinary Center is the best veterinarian for your pet in Cortlandt Manor, NY because we provide high quality care filled with compassion for every single pet. We offer a wide-variety of services with anything from teeth cleaning to pet surgery. Call us today to schedule an appointment!

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Choosing a Veterinarian in Cortlandt Manor, NY

Choosing a new veterinarian in Cortlandt Manor, NY can be tough. There are several different animal hospitals in the area but choosing the best one to take your cat or dog to is important.

Here's what you should be looking for when choosing a veterinarian in Cortlandt Manor, NY: 

Veterinary Services Offered

You should always make sure that your veterinarian offers the services that you need right now as well as services that your pet may need in the future. Taconic Veterinary Center is a full-service veterinarian offering many different services such as teeth cleaning, dental care, vaccinations, hyperbaric oxygen therapy, surgery, spay/neuter, wellness exams, euthanasia, emergency care, and parasite prevention.


You want a veterinarian in Cortlandt Manor that will be able to handle any treatment for your pet with accuracy and compassion. You also want your vet to be able to have the experience necessary to handle anything unexpected that comes up. The veterinarians at Taconic Veterinary Center have a lot of veterinary experience and have worked with both small and large animals.


Services Offered


Keeping your cat or dog vaccinated is crucial to keeping them healthy. Here at Taconic Veterinary Center, we base vaccinations off of what is best for each pet and we tailor their vaccinations with an individualized approach.

Teeth Cleaning

We recommend that every pet get their teeth cleaned on an annual basis. Cat and dog teeth cleaning helps to prevent them from a variety of oral diseases and other problems it may cause to their health.

Spay and Neuter

Spaying/neutering your cat or dog comes with a lot of different benefits. It helps to prevent the over-population of pets, as well as offering them a variety of different health benefits.

Pet Wellness

Our wellness exams are designed to prevent your pet from getting any diseases and allowing us to routinely check your pet's health. Keeping your pet safe, happy, and healthy is our main priority.


Dr. Wallace Medical Director


Dr. Wallace graduated from Cornell University with a BS in animal sciences and then completed her vet degree at the University of Pennsylvania. When she isn't at work she enjoys hiking, sailing, and skiing.

Dr. Whitehead DVM

veterinarian in cortlandt manor, ny

Dr. Whitehead graduated from St. George's University School of Veterinary Medicine with her DVM. Outside of work she likes to spend time with her family and friends and traveling with her husband.

Dr. Paukner DVM

animal hospital in cortlandt manor, ny

Dr. Paukner graduated from St. George's University with her DVM. In her free time, she loves to sail on the Hudson River and go hiking with her dog Luna.

Dr. Melgarejo DVM

vet in cortlandt manor

Dr. Melgarejo graduted from Ross University with her DVM. Her special interests are emergency medicine and surgery. Outside work, she enjoys to travel and spend time outdoors.