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Wrigleyville Veterinary Center is a full-service animal hospital in Chicago, IL. We offer a wide variety of different services in order to be sure your pet is well taken care of. Some of our services are teeth cleaning, vaccinations, spay, & neuter, grooming, and more! We offer all pets in Wrigleyville and surrounding communities compassionate and professional veterinary care.

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Choosing a Veterinarian in Wrigleyville, Chicago

Choosing a new veterinarian in Wrigleyville, Chicago can be a tough task. Their are a lot of different options and you want to make sure you find the right one for you and your pet's needs.

Here's some things that you should be looking for in your search: 

Veterinary Services Offered

You should always make sure that your veterinarian offers the services that your pet will need throughout their lifetime. Wrigleyville Veterinary Center is a full-service veterinarian offering a bunch of different services such as: vaccinations, teeth cleaning, spay and neuter, emergency care, surgery, wellness care, laser therapy, dog grooming, and even doggie daycare!


You want a veterinarian that will have experience in the field and will be completely accurate at whatever they are doing. The doctors at Wrigleyville have years of experience working with all different types of animals.

Reputation and Reviews

When looking for somewhere to bring your pet, you should always read reviews and see what other people thought of the practice themselves.

Wrigleyville Veterinary Center is very well reviewed with over 125 positive reviews at the time of this writing. You can view these reviews here.

Services We Offer

Teeth Cleaning

Teeth cleaning is important for every pet in order to keep their teeth and gums free from any type of disease. We offer teeth cleaning for cats and dog's to help keep them healthy and happy!

Emergency Care

We offer emergency care during our normal operating business hours. If you aren't sure whether or not your pet is having an emergency, feel free to give us a call!


Vaccinations are crucial for all cats and dog's to help protect them from harmful disease they may be exposed to throughout their lifetime. We offer vaccinations to help keep them safe!


We offer professional dog grooming services to Wrigleyville and surrounding communities. Keeping your dog properly groomed helps with their overall appearance and in keeping them healthy.

Our Veterinarians

Dr. James Hardiman Veterinarian


Dr. Amanda Desollar Veterinarian


Dr. Ken Slossberg Veterinarian


Dr. Ryan Bookstaff Veterinarian