InTouch Team Gives Thanks

The onsite staff at InTouch headquarters dressed up in their finest pilgrim and Indian wear to celebrate an early Thanksgiving today. Over a potluck lunch with all the holiday staples, the crew focused on what they were thankful for. In addition to the overwhelming gratitude for InTouch’s many loyal clients, the team discussed why they were thankful for working at InTouch. Here, what the staff is grateful for, in their own words.

“I’m thankful to be able to work with such an awesome team, for such down-to-earth bosses, and for the many learning opportunities involved.” —Cynthia Reyna, copywriter

“I’m thankful for a fun place to work. And food.” —Robert Simmons, Web developer/SEO engineer

“For the people. It’s a community that I care for like family. Without them, InTouch has no value.” —Bill Schroeder, senior vice president

“I’m thankful to be surrounded by such fun, energetic, passionate people who love what they do.” —Ashley Peters, design specialist

“The mix of the family atmosphere and the camaraderie are what I am thankful for.” —Evelyn Evans, project manager

“I’m thankful for the close bond we all have with one another. We really are like a little family!” —Tani Fisk, senior account executive

“I am thankful that my workplace is one that is creative, fun, and never boring.” —Aisha Wright, audio engineer

“I am thankful for my ‘work family’!” —Kate Kryk, assistant project manager

“I am thankful for working at InTouch…because I have grown more as a professional in the past 3.5 years than I did with all of my previous jobs combined!” —Christen Chapman, project manager

“Great group of people.” —Kim Skrbina, design specialist

“I’m thankful for our awesome team and the people I work with!” —Libby Pals, SEO engineer

“I’m thankful that I get to combine both of my greatest loves—writing and animals—into a career. I’m also thankful that Bill and Katie have let me essentially tailor my job to my talents. I love the way they allow us all to play to our strengths to make sure that the best work is done for the client.” —Crystal Kamm, copywriter

“I am thankful for all of my greatest colleagues and awesome clients!” —Maritsa Garza, social media manager

“All the great coworkers I’ve met through working at InTouch and the bonds we’ve made at work and outside of work.” —Lisa Gulick, traffic coordinator

“I’m really thankful to work with so many kindhearted folks and that I don’t have to sit in traffic to come to work.” —Donald O’Connor, SEO engineer

“I am so thankful to work with the most talented and animated people who have all become my second family. I adore everyone here!” —Laura Beasley, finance manager

“Working for InTouch means I have the opportunity to use my creative skills in a flexible and fun environment. As a fairly new addition to the InTouch team, I’m quickly learning what my colleagues have known for some time: the people are wonderful, the clients are loyal, and the work really isn’t work at all. It’s magical to be able to do what you love every day and get paid for it.” —Sarah Rumple, copywriter and social media manager

Katie Schroeder, InTouch’s president, says, “It is at this time of year that I can’t help but reflect on how thankful I am to be surrounded by such a creative, hardworking group of people. Sometimes I find myself just smiling at how much talent is in my presence. I am thankful that I am excited every morning to come to work to see what will happen. Our team is blessed to work with such wonderful clients…who genuinely appreciate us…I am so thankful for that that! Most importantly, I am thankful for two gifts I get to open every morning: my eyes! Because this is such a wonderful ride, and I don’t want to miss one second of it!”

How have you and your team expressed gratitude as we approach Thanksgiving?