Veterinary pay-per-click marketing on Google

Search Engine Marketing is a way to immediately get your veterinary practice's name in front of pet parents looking for services. If you're seeking to grow your vet practice, advertising on Google is a great way to do it.

Google Ads management for veterinarians

Search engine marketing helps increase your practice’s visibility on search engine results pages (SERPs) through the use of paid ads. As a Google Partner, we’re certified as trusted PPC experts who can get your ads in front of searchers who are ready to choose a veterinarian.

We’ll work with you to develop an effective strategy that involves promoting your highest ROI services and getting your practice name in front of motivated pet parents immediately.

Unlike veterinary SEO, advertising your vet practice on Google can immediately push your ad to the top of search results, reaching thousands of pet parents searching for services you provide.

Avian Exotics ad
Central Broward Vet ad
Parrish Veterinary Clinic ad

Why We're Different

Rather than focusing on clicks, we focus on conversions - that means we're focused on getting in front of people that will actually become clients and spend money in your practice.

Our goals our veterinary clients are simple in regards to Google Ads management:

Lower cost-per-conversion

Improve conversion rate

Improve efficiency of the total account

Stop paying for wasted and accidental clicks. Let's get the results that make sense for your business - new clients! Get a free digital analysis and we'll show you how we can help you improve.

Online advertising for veterinarians designed to attract more clients

Pay-Per-Click Ads

The internet is a crowded space. While organic marketing techniques may work for some practices, we are really good at identifying opportunities for our clients that allow them to reach more relevant and targeted audiences on Google. Simply put, if there is a chance for your practice to stand out and dominate the conversation online through paid search, we will introduce you to the opportunity, create great campaigns, and clearly demonstrate how these ads are making an impact.

Call tracking

One of the greatest aspects of digital marketing is the ability to track results back to the source or digital effort. Our phone call tracking software can do just that as every call generated through your website, social media, Google Ads, etc. is tracked so that you can see and literally hear how many leads are generated through every channel. This full-circle approach takes the guessing out of our results as they are available and easy to access.

Google Ad reporting

Get real-time, 24/7 access to your custom PPC reports, which are updated in real time to help you stay on top of your data.

View conversions, the results of PPC campaigns, and overall website metrics to see how you’re doing. Our dashboard is customizable and easy-to-use, so you can check your numbers wherever and whenever you want.

Social media advertising on Facebook and Instagram for veterinarians

In addition to our search engine marketing services, we’re also champions of social media marketing. Find out how social media ads can bolster your entire digital marketing strategy.

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