Custom veterinary video

Show pet parents what makes you the best vet for their pet with video! Hero videos, vet and staff interviews, and behind-the-scenes shots all make a deep, impactful impression on your audience that drives them to call you.

Take your brand to the next level with custom video

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Video makes a powerful first impression

Pet parents want the inside scoop on a practice when choosing a new vet. Through video, we’ll showcase your staff, highlight your facility and technology, plus feature you interacting with pets. In short, we’ll show pet parents what makes you better than the rest.

Want custom videos for your practice?

Roll the clip!

A hero video

A hero video creates a powerful first impression as it highlights your facility, staff expertise, happy pets, and other elements to grab users’ attentions and inspire them to make an appointment.

Recruiting videos

It's no secret that job recruiting is a common issue in the veterinary industry. Use a custom recruiting video to introduce your practice and it's culture to potential new employees!

Inside the practice videos

Inside the practice videos focus on your staff’s experiences and insight into the services they perform; and they are a great tool to leverage for your hiring efforts.

Client testimonials

Put a face to the name of your biggest fans, and win over potential new clients who might be on the fence about giving you a call.

Social media videos

Social media videos are shorter clips that highlight a specific element of your practice such as vet introductions, new services, a new location, etc.

Brand videos

Launching or reinventing your brand? Get attention and make an incredible impression on area pet parents with a skillfully crafted, memorable brand video.

What you get with an InTouch veterinary video production package

Our video team knows the best ways to produce veterinary videos and bring your practice to life onscreen through action shots, staff interviews, testimonials, and more. We’ll capture as much quality footage as possible, and then professionally create multi-use videos for social media, your website, YouTube, and digital marketing campaigns.

The process

All about you

Our team gets to know what makes your practice tick so we can develop a plan that captures all the unique elements that make you, you.

Lights, camera, action

We capture footage onsite at your practice over 2-3 days with professionalism and respect for your team and clients.


Our experienced video team will edit your clip to perfection so the video features the very best footage and positions you and your practice in the best light.


We’ll help you get the most out of your videos by launching them for your website, social media accounts, and marketing campaigns, as well as providing ongoing support.