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Our SEO (Search Engine Optimization) experts will drive your veterinary practice to the top of Google search engine results. We lead potential new clients to your website by implementing SEO strategies that target local pet owners and incite them to take action.

Why is SEO important for large animal, small animal, equine, and exotic veterinarians?

Search Engine Optimization is important for veterinary practices as part of a marketing strategy because it drives new business if done the right way.

Over 90% of people considering using a local business (including veterinarians) do a search online first. They're looking at your reputation and how you stack up against your competition in your area.

They're using general terms like "veterinarian," "vet near me," and "animal hospital." If you're not showing up, you're missing out on a HUGE opportunity for your veterinary practice.

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Our approach to veterinary SEO

We do SEO a little differently than most veterinary marketing companies. Our SEO experts all speak fluent veterinarian and have the experience and skills to take your SEO performance to the next level. Here's how we do it:

Content Marketing

We write and publish comprehensive articles on your website that target local pet owners and are about topics that they're actually searching for in Google. Our content drives action on your website and makes your veterinary practice the authority on veterinary medicine in your area. You can also easily share your content to your social platforms and use it in emails to your current client base.

Technical SEO

Technical SEO encompasses all the boring but necessary tasks that help a website move up in the search results. Some of these tasks include ensuring that there are no "broken" pages, redirecting pages, "on page optimization," and proper formatting of your content and more. We take care of the things that most other SEO companies overlook to maximize your website's potential.

Link Building

One thing most veterinary marketing companies never mention is link building, even though it's one of Google's biggest ranking factors in search engine results. Links are like votes in the real world - the more influential and authoritative sites that link to yours, the better.

We'll introduce a comprehensive strategy to link building for your website which will yield incredible SEO results.

Local SEO and Google MyBusiness Optimization

When people search for a local business like a veterinary clinic, they get local "map pack" results. These results are NOT random and there are techniques that are required to help your practice rank above the rest. One technique is citation building. Citations are "mentions" of your brand online and in order for Google to rank your website, they must be consistent. That's only the tip of the iceberg for our local SEO process.

Conversion Rate Optimization

What good is ranking at the top of search results if you can't get anyone to call or fill out your forms? That's why we optimize every page of your site to make your website visitors take action. We look at the data for each page (analytics, heat maps, click reports) and make the necessary changes to improve conversions - or the conversion of a website visitor into an actual client.

Continuous SEO Improvement

SEO takes time but it is essential for large animal, small animal, equine, and exotic veterinarians. We continuously monitor performance of every page of your website for search engine ranking results. Then we make small changes month after month until our results meet or exceed your expectations.

Our goal is for you to dominate the searches in your local market - for individual services you offer, for general terms like "veterinarian" and even for questions that people ask "Dr. Google".

...and this is just the beginning!

Our competitive SEO edge

Here's a's our people. The people working on your SEO at InTouch are some of the best in the entire veterinary marketing industry. Our people are passionate, responsive, results-oriented and they love to win.

Our SEO results for clients both national and local are unparalleled. We work with:

  • Equine vets
  • Large animal vets
  • Exotic vets
  • Emergency vets
  • General practices
  • Veterinary consolidators
  • Groomers
  • Boarding and Daycare facilities
  • National brands
  • Businesses in the veterinary industry

We can talk and talk. But we'd rather show you our results instead, along with examples of the work we've done for clients both large and small with our tailored marketing campaigns.

Let's do a free digital analysis of how your website can improve.

Custom veterinary SEO reporting tailored for your practice

You can view your custom SEO reports 24/7/365 for real-time data--and real-time results. With our intuitive and easily customizable dashboard, you'll be able to keep up with your website metrics, paid search results, site conversions, and much more at virtually any time.

We also know a thing or two about Google Ads & Facebook.

In fact, we're experts in search engine marketing. Our talented SEO team also has loads of experience in both Google ads and Facebook ads.

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