Leverage Social Media Marketing for your veterinary practice

Social media marketing not only gets your name in front of a new, relevant audience of pet parents; it engages them to interact with your post and visit your website where they can make that appointment.

Our social media marketing motivates pet parents to choose you

Social is much more than posting cute pictures of puppies and kittens. InTouch understands that 68% of today’s consumers are impacted by a friend’s social media posts to the point that they make purchasing decisions. Our strategic approach is as educational as it is actionable and helps our clients develop a social media policy that engages the local market, clearly demonstrates the personality of the practice brand, and ultimately drives local pet owners to want to visit your practice.


What you get with our social media marketing

A dedicated Meta Digital Marketing Associate who works with you to highlight specific services and promote your practice in the best light so pet parents are motivated to choose you.

A team of copywriters and designers who come up with the words and images that will wow your audience and get people clicking.

SEO-optimized landing pages that shed some light on commonly-searched for topics such as parasite prevention, heat safety for pets, and so much more. These landing pages serve double duty: they engage your social media audience and draw organic traffic to your site as well. Win-win.

Grow your practice with social media marketing

Why do you need social media marketing when you have a robust, thriving website? Social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram are teeming with pet parents—young and old, new and experienced. With targeted Facebook ads, you open yourself up to a new, highly relevant audience who are looking for exactly what you offer. Our Facebook ads are designed to authentically connect with this audience so they have no choice but to click.

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