Grow Your Online Presence with a website blog

Do you want to strengthen your online visibility, build authority in your local market, and drive more traffic to your website? Then you should highly consider adding a blog. Our search engine optimized blogs can help your website out perform your competition and provide high quality information to pet owners.

A Website Blog Can Help Your Practice Achieve Even Greater Success

A website blog is an essential asset for your veterinary practice. It serves a variety of purposes and benefits your practice in multiple ways. At InTouch, blogging is just one more service we offer to help you create quality, custom content that ranks, informs, builds trust, and compels action.

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blog management for veterinary practices

How Maintaining a Blog Benefits Your Veterinary Practice

Is keeping a professional blog worth it? Here are several reasons why it is.

A Blog Can Help Your Website Rank Higher for Local Searches

If you want to boost your website’s ranking in Google Search, a blog can help you do just that. Done right, a website blog can add significant SEO value to your website. Blog content is fertile ground for high-value keywords; that is, keywords that receive a high number of searches by local pet owners each month. Even better, you can repurpose evergreen content so it stays relevant to area pet owners and continues to help you rank.

A Blog Provides You with Countless Link Building Opportunities

Link building can have a major impact on your SEO, positioning your blog content where more people will see it and raising your online link profile. Having your content featured on other, reputable websites is a boost to your search rankings.

Your Blog Can Establish You as a Trusted Authority in Pet Care

We create blogs to help your website rank, but more than that, we also want to help you increase your authority as a veterinary expert and build trust with pet owners in your community. The information provided in your blog articles should prove insightful and useful to the people who are reading it. Through the dissemination of credible information, you can become a trusted source to others and gain new clients based on your expertise.

Blog Articles Provide Content You Can Share on Social Media

Keep your social media platforms active and engaging by creating posts that link to your blog articles. In addition to driving traffic to your website, this strategy can also grow your audience by giving pet owners useful information they’ll want to share with others.

How We’ll Create Your Blog

InTouch can manage your entire blog for you—so your team can focus on your patients and clients. Here’s how the process works:

  1. The InTouch team will conduct keyword research and put together a blog content calendar that you will then be asked to review and approve.
  2. Once you approve of your blog content calendar, our copywriters and design team will develop search engine-optimized blog articles for your website.
  3. Each blog article that was written will be sent to your team to review in order to ensure quality and accuracy.
  4. Once you have approved the blog posts, our team will then publish them on your site and allow Google to start reading over them!

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