We want you to win your market

We want to win. And we want you to win too. Our approach to every project begins with your goals and ends with us exceeding them. With over 25 years of veterinary marketing experience, we are the experts at making you top dog in your market.

We partner with vets who are driven to win

There are plenty of places you can go to build a templated website that mirrors a dozen others or hear marketing buzzwords spewed into your eardrums. We’re not one of those places.

At InTouch, we partner with likeminded large animal, small animal, equine, and exotic veterinarians to develop the best methods for achieving real-world growth and success. We work directly with you to define your practice goals and collaborate on custom solutions that actually make sense for the veterinary industry — and your practice in particular.

Let us help you dominate your market.

We've got creds

How we're wired:

We develop custom solutions for every client.

We’re dedicated to building partnerships — not one-project-and-done flings.

We won’t take on work you’d be better off getting elsewhere.

We have intimate knowledge of the veterinary space.

We're Google experts who continually implement new strategies to stay on top of algorithm changes.

We do everything in-house.

Solutions designed for veterinarians

Every project is assigned a dedicated team who digs deep to get to know you and build the fastest roadmap to your success. Our team will piece together a custom approach to achieve your goals, but we’re not done there. We’ll continuously work with you to optimize your site, SEO, marketing strategies, and more, so you’re always a step (or several) ahead of the competition.

Words don’t do it justice. See our work for yourself.

Fill your appointment book & raise your ROI

We have the tools to earn you more appointments from current and new clients by showing them the value of your services and making appointments a breeze to set up.

Drive new clients through the door

Together, we’ll develop a brand message to broadcast across all your channels to win you the trust and confidence of pet parents in your area.

Grow your practice with industry insight

We have long-standing experience in veterinary marketing. For over 25 years, we have soaked up all the insights we can, and our knowledge continues to grow as we make it a point to stay on top of the trends — in digital marketing and the veterinary industry alike. Our co-founder and senior vice president, Bill Schroeder, would be delighted to tell you all about it.

Partnerships that go beyond the 8-5 grind

We’re digital marketing professionals with a passion for veterinary medicine. Beginning with our founders, Bill and Katie, our team has been hand-selected for their talent, diligence, and love for what they do. We work hard, have fun doing it, and look forward to making you an honorary part of the crew!

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jeff business analysis
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