Veterinary Marketing:
The Complete Guide to Success

As a veterinarian or veterinary practice owner, you have your hands full keeping your business running and taking care of your patients and clients. You know how important marketing is for your practice, but you may not be sure what kind of strategy your practice needs to grow and thrive in the long term. If you find yourself at a loss when it comes to veterinary marketing and need skillful guidance to lead your business in the right direction, our marketing experts at InTouch are here to support you.

Below, we highlight some of our most critical services for helping veterinary practices succeed in their market. We’ll also explain the benefits of each. This information should reveal a clearer marketing path for your practice and give you the confidence to move forward with a strategy that helps you hit all your business goals.

Our Marketing Services to Help You Succeed

Get a first look at our marketing services that every vet practice should have. This should give you a “bigger picture” idea of what’s needed to succeed in the online and real-world marketplace.

1. SEO

SEO should be the bread and butter of every business’s marketing strategy since more than 90% of people looking for a local business (such as your practice) are going to look online first. SEO helps you harness the search intent of area pet parents so they’ll be more likely to see (and potentially choose) you over other practices nearby.

At InTouch, we’re fluent in veterinary marketing and have a deep understanding of the challenges practices face.

We take a multifaceted approach to SEO, which includes:

  • Content marketing
  • Local SEO and GBP optimization
  • Technical SEO (the “boring” but necessary back-end stuff)
  • Conversion rate optimization (increases the actions taken by visitors on your website)
  • Link building
  • Ongoing maintenance and performance monitoring

All of these things work together to increase your standing in search engines and improve your visibility to pet parents. Without SEO, pet parents will be less likely to find you, and your practice could miss out on lots of new clients, patients, and of course, growth.

2. Website Design and Development

Website design is one of our premier services at InTouch. A website is foundational to your veterinary practice’s digital presence and growth, but there is much more to it than design and copy. We should know—we’ve created countless websites for vet practices, including several Vetty Award winners.

When we build a website for you, design and copy are key pieces of the puzzle. But along with looking and sounding amazing, your website needs to be a high performer.

This means it needs to:

  • Pull in pet parents who are searching for your services from your local market
  • Keep them browsing your website
  • Drive more conversions with strategically placed calls to action
  • Get pets and people in the door

These are our goals for you—growing your vet practice by keeping the appointments flowing in, building a world-class reputation for your brand, and connecting you with the pet parents you want to serve for years to come.

3. Paid Advertising: Google and/or Facebook Ads

Paid advertising helps you target pet parents who are searching for a specific service, and it positions your practice as the one that can provide exactly what they need. InTouch is a proud Google partner with a team of PPC experts and a certified Meta Digital Marketing Associate who can partner with you to develop a strategy promoting the most sought-after services in your local market.

The neat thing about Google Ads is that your ads can propel your practice to the top of the first search results page, making it the very first result pet parents will see. With every Google Ads campaign we launch for our clients, our goals are always to lower the cost per conversion, improve the conversion rate, and improve overall efficiency in marketing performance.

Facebook ads help you target specific audiences with campaigns designed to appeal to their needs and connect with a whole new group of pet parents in your area. Landing pages connected to these campaigns can bolster your website conversions and even drive more appointments to your practice.

Ultimately, using Facebook ads and Google Ads in tandem can help you cast a wider net and connect with more pets and people online. The more people you reach, the more you’ll find who are eager to reach back.

4. Email Marketing

Email marketing is an excellent way to maintain relationships with your existing clients and keep them coming back. Think about it: when a pet owner gives you their email address, that signifies a certain level of trust. It also means they expect to hear from you! And what better way to keep them informed and up to date about their pet’s care than with engaging email campaigns?

At InTouch, we know that email is a big deal. 99% of people check their email inboxes every single day. That means if you send an email to your clients, 99% of them will see it. Our goal is to create email campaigns that are insightful, true to your brand, and clickable—because the best email campaigns are the ones that get pet parents to click to call or visit your website.

Aside from helping you to retain and engage existing clients, email marketing also yields a much higher return on investment than Google Ads and social media.

5. Social Media Marketing

Love or hate social media, it’s one of the big dogs of digital marketing and an essential tool in any strategy. Along with putting your practice name out there for area pet parents to see, your social media profiles are also platforms for engaging with them and nurturing connections through various types of content. Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok are great for sharing videos and photos from your practice and dispensing expert advice and helpful tips to build trust and authority with your audience.

InTouch offers a team of designers and writers to work closely with you to create engaging social media campaigns to promote your practice. In addition to generating ideas and creating quality content for your posts, we’ll also build SEO-focused landing pages that connect to your posts and drive organic traffic to your website.

6. Video Production

Want to make a strong impression on pet parents? Video production courtesy of InTouch can help you reach them in a more personable way. As a veterinary practice, trust is one of the most important factors in gaining and keeping new clients. Video shows your team at work, fostering warm relationships with animals and people alike. It shows the true face of your practice and dispels some of the uncertainty pet parents may feel about choosing you.

As of 2023, 91% of businesses surveyed use video as a marketing tool; 51% of people surveyed say they are more likely to share video over other types of content; 89% of people surveyed said that watching a video convinced them to buy a product or service. With so many businesses using video in their marketing, it’s clear this medium is instrumental in building a brand and growing a business.

Statistics don’t lie. While there is never a 100% guarantee of success with any marketing strategy, including video marketing, the numbers show that incorporating video into your marketing can increase your practice’s visibility, approachability, and trustworthiness to potential and existing clients.

Start Your Marketing Success Story with InTouch

We hope this brief breakdown of our most essential marketing services gives you a clearer idea of what your veterinary practice needs to succeed. The InTouch team is invested in helping you connect with pet parents and grow organically with marketing strategies that reflect your brand and mission.

Want to know more about how we can help you? Let’s chat–get InTouch by calling (800) 493-9003!