What is an Account Manager?

The role of an account manager is impossible to adequately define in one sentence. At InTouch, we have a remarkable account management team that makes it possible for us to serve our clients at the highest level.

To help you understand just how important an account manager is, let’s start by explaining what exactly they are, and go from there.

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What Exactly is an Account Manager?

An account manager is several things. They are a client advocate, working diligently to make sure their client’s needs are being met in every way. They are also the client’s main point of contact, and serve as the liaison between the production team, the marketing team, and the client.

What do Account Managers Do?

Our account managers have many important responsibilities.

First and foremost, they establish, build, and maintain relationships with their clients. Their goal is to create a strong foundation of trust and communication, and meet their clients’ needs as faithfully and efficiently as possible.

In addition to working with clients, account managers also coordinate with our creative team to complete website edits/changes. They also frequently work with our digital marketing team to help clients achieve their marketing goals.

Additional Account Manager Responsibilities

Account managers do so much more to support our clients and help them accomplish their current and future goals. This includes:

  • Consistent, ongoing communication via phone, email, and meetings
  • Scheduling internal meetings and client meetings
  • Scheduling and assigning client website updates to our production team
  • Strategizing with other departments to serve our clients’ needs
  • Offering website and digital marketing recommendations based on our clients’ needs and goals
  • Helping clients navigate all manner of challenges
  • Reviewing website edits, blogs, blog content calendars, reports, and more
  • Meeting regularly with our digital marketing team to assess a client’s website performance
  • Maintaining meticulous documentation of client interactions
  • Identifying opportunities to strategize/assist clients with problem solving
  • Planning, developing, executing, and managing our clients’ digital marketing strategies
  • Sending out detailed client reports
  • Communicating with other account managers to share ideas and knowledge
  • Conducting regular SEO meetings with clients to discuss their SEO performance, the health of their business, and their goals going forward
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What Type of Client Gets an Account Manager?

All InTouch clients in our Digital Marketing package receive their very own dedicated account manager. Hosting and maintenance clients and hosting-only clients will also have a point of contact assigned to their account to help with anything they need, but the level of service they receive will be a little less extensive and hands-on.

Of course, our account managers are also happy to provide a la carte assistance to clients who have a website with us, but no ongoing package. We strive to help everyone as best we can!

Why It’s Better to Have an Account Manager (than Not Having One at All)

Account managers help to simplify the whole process of working with a digital marketing agency. At InTouch, providing excellent customer service is just as important as providing quality products.

Without a dedicated account manager overseeing your account, you would be left with multiple points of contact for just about every question or concern you have, and that would be confusing, overwhelming, and frustrating. With a dedicated account manager, you have just one point of contact for all your marketing needs, and they’ll be fully invested in helping you achieve your goals and resolve any problems you have. They’re in your corner every step of the way.

Furthermore, having an account manager allows for a more frequent exchange of information between you and InTouch. This allows us to identify your specific needs, and help you capitalize on any potential opportunities for growth in your market. Your account manager will understand your concerns, needs, and goals, and offer up relevant recommendations and updates to help you succeed.

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What Makes Our Account Managers Experts?

Our entire account management team goes through extensive, ongoing training on InTouch systems, processes, and products so they can better serve you, the client. They regularly attend special learning sessions with department heads and product leads to address questions about all our individual services. Often, our account managers will actively seek out new opportunities to learn and grow, so they can give their clients the highest standard of service.

Our account managers are regularly trained in organic and local SEO, blogs, email marketing, Facebook ads, Google ads, strategic marketing, message on-hold, and much more. They strive to continue to improve and innovate through their work in our Account Management Role Development Committee. In short, their goal is to be the best account management team in the veterinary industry.

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