Google My Business Reporting: The Low-Down on Our Awesome New Report

We are proud to unveil our brand new, eye-opening Google My Business reporting for veterinary practices. If you’re an SEO client with InTouch, you might be well-versed in our SEO reporting, but what does this new, Google reporting mean for you? How will it affect your business?

For answers to these questions and more, follow along as we give you the low-down on our new Google My Business report.


Why We Created the Google My Business Report

We decided to develop our new Google My Business report for veterinary practices to show our clients more key data. It shows practices all the traffic that is flowing from their Google My Business listing to their website, along with their results for any given timeframe. 

With just the SEO report, the results you see are exclusive to your website. With the new Google report, you can see how pet owners are  interacting with your Google My Business listing. You no longer have that blind spot in your reporting.  

What Specific Things Does the New Report Show?

Our Google My Business reporting reveals tons more information to benefit your practice:

  • How many pet owners are clicking on and interacting with your Google My Business listing
  • How often pet owners are interacting with your listing
  • The total number of times your listing pops up in Google searches
  • The total number of searches in Google Search and Google Maps your listing appears in 
  • How frequently pet owners utilize the click-to-call feature on your listing to contact your practice
  • The number of times pet owners click the directions button on your listing to find your practice
  • The number of times pet owners click to visit your website from your listing
  • New Google Reviews from pet owners

Why this New Google My Business Reporting is a Huge Win for You

As the owner or manager of a veterinary practice, you have a huge stake in its success. You have to know how your website, Google My Business listing, and other digital channels are performing from a marketing perspective. 

As simple as it seems on the surface, Google My Business offers a treasure trove of crucial information about your practice’s online presence and reputation, and the kind of engagement your listing is getting from local pet owners. The knowledge our new Google My Business reporting gives you can be just what you need to gain an advantage over your competitors. 

Some notable benefits of our Google My Business reporting:


It Provides All the Information You Need in One Spot

All your Google My Business activity and data are stored in this report, so you won’t have to go digging and waste time reaching out to us for more information. 

It Shows How Your Listing Affects Your Practice

With our new report, you’ll be able to see how, and to what extent, your listing on Google My Business is influencing your practice’s online visibility and business growth. 

It’s Just Plain Easy

Back in the dark ages, if you wanted Google My Business reporting, you had to go delving into the back end and use a login to get the information you were looking for. Those days are over, and today you can simply access the information on your dashboard. 

hand on computer

So, How Does this Help Your Veterinary Practice?

Our new Google My Business reporting benefits your veterinary practice by giving you more key information that’s easier to access, and easier and quicker to review. This enables our team to work with you to make educated decisions and agile updates to benefit your practice’s marketing strategy, so you can stay competitive and continue on the upward path to success. 

Simply put, we want you to be more informed about what’s going on with your Google My Business listing, and have more data about your practice’s marketing. At InTouch, we strive to make marketing and SEO as easy to understand as possible for you. We care about your success, and we want you to see the value in all the hard work you’re putting in with us. 

Get Better Google My Business Reporting with InTouch

If you aren’t already working with us to dominate your market and you’re less than happy with your current Google My Business reporting, we’re always here to help. At InTouch, we’ve spent lots of time perfecting our SEO and Google reports for the benefit of our clients. Whether you have questions, concerns, or just want a change in strategy, our team is glad to support you and show you exactly what needs to be done to get you more clicks, calls, and appointments at your practice.

Reach out to us any time Monday through Friday at (800) 493-9003. We look forward to talking with you!