Why Unique Website Content is Tremendously Important for Your Website

Unique website content is something that every veterinary practice should strive for in their digital marketing.  By “unique,” we mean content that is unique to your veterinary practice, and no other. In a world where uninspired, boilerplate copy is reheated and reused for countless practice websites, choosing custom SEO copy for your website is a crucial act, one that can help your brand achieve an even higher standard of success.

Find out what makes unique website content so important for veterinary practices like yours, and how it’s created.

Why Your Practice Website Needs Unique, Custom Content

So, why is unique website content better than bland, template copy that says nothing about your practice?

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It Sets Your Brand Apart

Custom copy is entirely unique to your practice. No other practice will have copy that sounds just like yours. Quality copywriting can elevate your website and your brand by accurately reflecting your practice’s personality, mission, and values. It touches on the things that make your brand special and helps you stand out among the many other veterinary practices in your market.

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It Helps You Connect with Pet Owners

The personalization that comes with custom, unique website copy can help you connect better with pet owners. Showing who you are as a brand through your copy makes your practice seem more approachable, friendly, and even relatable.

And copy is not the only form of content that should be customized—custom photos and videos also play their part in shaping your practice’s identity and relating it to pet owners, who want to get a better feel for who they might be trusting with their pets’ care.

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It Makes Your Practice Look Good

Well-crafted, custom copy can heighten people’s perceptions of your veterinary practice. It shows you care about your brand and want to give pet owners an exceptional website to visit and use at their leisure. It helps to convey the value your practice is able to provide. Bad copy conveys little value and reflects poorly on a practice’s branding and reputation.

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It Helps Your SEO

Having unique website content can give your SEO (search engine optimization) a major boost. SEO copywriting is copy written to rank higher in search engines (Google in particular). Quality, organic copy is a must for any website, but it also needs to be optimized for searches.

Millions of people use search engines every day to look up services and learn about the businesses providing them. Utilizing SEO in your copy increases your practice’s visibility and standing in search engine rankings. 

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How is Custom, Unique Website Content Produced?

Some veterinary practices like to provide their own content for their websites, but it’s often best to recruit a professional copywriter with web and SEO copywriting chops.

The Copywriter Will Ask for Key Information About Your Practice

The copywriter will work with you to learn all about your practice, including your:

  • Team

  • Services

  • Core values

  • Community involvement

  • Culture

  • Reputation (on-site testimonials are an excellent addition to any website)

  • Other relevant and unique aspects of your practice pet owners should know about

Based on the information the copywriter obtains when they interview you, they’ll create custom copy that accurately reflects your brand and what you offer.

Review Their Work

Next, you should look through examples of the agency’s work to determine the quality of their copywriting. Does the copywriter demonstrate a strong ability to translate a brand’s voice, values, and culture into words? Is the copy clear, concise, and easy to skim through? Does it flow? Is the writer well-versed in veterinary medicine?

Get Quality, Unique Website Content with InTouch

At InTouch, we offer unique website content courtesy of our in-house copywriter. We know the veterinary industry and how to communicate with pet owners. We invite you to look at some of our work for examples of the unique website copy we create, and call us at (800) 493-9003 to learn more about what we offer!